Earlier this week, Bill Crider, one of my longest friends in mystery fandom, posted what is probably going to be his final blog entry.

Here’s the link:

I’ve known Bill for almost 40 years, but we’ve met in person only once. I’m not sure of the date, but if there was a Bouchercon held in Washington DC around 1980, that’s when it was.

There have been 115 comments of good wishes so far following this last post of his, including mine. There will probably be more. A nicer, more liked person in fandom you will probably never find.

   I’m going to take a two or three day break from the blog. Back soon!

   Have a great holiday everyone!!

Posting from my iPhone while waiting for my laptop to get better. Hopefully this short hiatus won’t last more than a couple of days.

      A little late, but the wishes are still good:

I don’t know the technical term for the glitch going on today, but people from some ISP’s can access this blog, and others can’t. I’m going to hold off posting until whatever the problem is clears up. Meanwhile my spam fighting service can’t access my blog, and I have over 2000 of the little rats piling up on me so far, and counting.

[UPDATE: Sunday evening.] It looks as though we’re back in business, all but the spam messages, which have accumulated over the weekend to over 4300. Why on earth?

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