I know a guy who’s addicted to brake fluid. He says he can stop any time.

         — Attributed to SF author Clifford D. Simak:

    “And when you get around to those unreadable stories, you must not lose sight of the fact that whether a story is readable or unreadable depends entirely upon the person reading it. This is an extremely nebulous area in which to make a judgment. I will mention no names or titles, for I should be ashamed to, but I must confess that for me there are certain stories that are unreadable. The horrible thing about this is that some of them have been critically acclaimed as masterpieces. No doubt they are, but I still can’t read them. And yet, I consider that it would be impudent and perhaps even a little stupid of me to go about proclaiming them as unreadable.”

Why do people say “no offense” right before they’re about to offend you?

One down, one to go.

I had the left eye done today, and in two weeks I go back again for the right. All is well.

I thought I’d be able to post something more interesting than a health update like this, but the device they have taped over my eye is so large I can’t get my glasses on. Pfui.

   I’ve sent most of today dealing with a bad mouse, or so it appears. It started gradually, but I spent over 45 minutes last night getting Ray’s review posted, a job that should have taken half the time, and today the problem was even worse.

   The mouse seemed to scroll OK, but whenever I tried to highlight a section of text, it seemed to go all over the place, jumping left when I wanted to go right, skipping over text, then deleting and pasting in the original, making a complete jumble of it.

   The mouse I had been using was wireless, so after wasting too much time trying to find out what setting had gone wrong, I finally located the old mouse on a cord I used to use, and while there are some very small problems with it, highlighting is a breeze now, as opposed to what was driving me crazy with the newer one.

   After the earlier adventures I’ve had this year, upgrading from Windows 7 to 10, then the fear of losing everything on this blog a few months back, I was hoping that the second half of the would be free of computer problems, but no, it was not to be.

   I’ll be back with a real post tomorrow, fingers crossed!

I finished three books yesterday. It might have been more, but I ran out of crayons.

   It’s taken a while to figure out the new WordPress editor, but with a couple of workarounds to compensate for their mostly expletive deleted system, I’m now able to add both images and videos to the posts on this blog again. In fact, please go back and revisit all of the posts following the short hiatus of a week or so back. You’ll see them all in a brand new light.

   Another problem solved but not yet implemented is the matter of images missing from pre-transition posts. Some people see them. Others don’t. They are still there, but in some haphazard Internet manner, your browser may not recognize them. The solution is easy but time-consuming. I have to go into HTML mode for the posts with problems, and add a jpg extension to the code for the image. Easy, as I say, but not the most fun in the world.

   Just got the word from Mark that everything but two images has made the transition over. I think there’s been an upgrade to WordPress in the meantime, as this editing page is different, but I can handle that. Otherwise all of the links, embedded videos and so on are here at the new location safe and sound. Three cheers to Mark and his colleague at school Nate!

   To a new hosting system, that is. If all goes well, everything on this blog will show up on the new site just as it is right now with (fingers crossed) nothing lost.

   I don’t know whether the blog will be visible while the transition is taking place, or if everything will disappear for a while until we’re back again. I suspect the latter, so if that happens, please don’t panic. I’m not sure how long it will take, but everything should reappear as soon as the transfer’s done.

   My thought is that everything online is only temporary.

   That particular concept was thoroughly tested yesterday. You may not have noticed, but this blog was all but offline for 24 hours beginning Thursday night. Nothing disappeared, thank goodness, but I couldn’t access any of the management tools for the blog, including editing and posting. No one could leave comments, either. (If you tried and failed, please try again.)

   I can’t explain things I don’t really understand myself, so I won’t go into details, but my son-in-law Mark says it was a “database server error.”

   While working our way through that, Mark discovered that there is a new hosting plan scheduled to take effect on March 28, after which certain incompatibilities (which I won’t even try to get into) will mean that all 13 plus years of blogging here on M*F will disappear. There may be an extension of the date, and (who knows) the “incompatibility” issue may be worked out, but in the meantime, I will be doing my best to back up and preserve as many of the thousands of posts as I can.

   If worst comes to worst, I will most certainly start over again. There’s only so much reading and watching I could do without being able to write about it all too, and I know that holds true for the many other contributors to this blog as well.

   And while I’m busy backing up an archive of the “Best of Mystery*File,” regular blogging will go on as usual. Count on it!

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