As some of you may know, I have been selling books on Amazon for as long as third party sellers have been allowed to do so there. Sales are decent there for recent books. Unfortunately, older books do not do nearly as well there. I have several thousand older mystery and western hardcovers that I would like to find new homes for, and to that end, I’ve just posted a first list of them online.

   To facilitate moving them out, I hope, I’ve priced them at half of what I believe is are “current market values,” as determined by doing some comparison shopping at

   Some are extremely scarce and are priced accordingly, but many of them are $5.00 each, which is less than many new paperbacks at Barnes & Noble.

   Here’s the link to my first online list, with many more to come:

   I hope you’ll take a look!

I’ve just updated my website where you can find a list of mystery paperbacks I have for sale on Amazon. If you buy them directly from me, however, I can offer a 30% discount. This list is larger by a third than the one I linked to over a year ago now.

Included is a large collection of Black Lizard “noir” paperbacks from the 1980s. Authors such as David Goodis, Jim Thompson and Charles Willeford. Lots of cozies, too, and everything in between.

Mystery Paperbacks

For those of you who are into such things, I’ve just put 24 old pulp magazines up for bids on eBay today. There are westerns, detective pulps, including two copies of Black Mask, and two copies of Unknown.

I hope this link works:

   Yesterday was a traveling day. I’ve spent the last week plus visiting Jon in L.A. I left last week from CT just as a huge system of thunderstorms made its way up the East Coast, making shambles of airline schedules all along its path.

   My plane was delayed two hours, and while I was sitting there, I chatted with an elderly couple also from CT on their way to Idaho to visit the woman’s sister. We finally took off, and naturally I never expected to see them again.

   Coming back from L.A. today, and you already know where this going, right? Of course you do. My stopover on the way back to Hartford was in Minneapolis, and when I was delivered to the gate where the plane to CT was waiting, I looked up and sitting across from me was the same couple I was talking to just over a week earlier, now on their way back to CT from Idaho.

   You couldn’t make up stuff like this and have anyone believe it if you tried.

   I sold this on eBay and mailed it out today:

   I sold this on Amazon and mailed it out today:

   To two different buyers. Sometimes the world is a very spooky place.


This week’s assortment of pulps up for auction on eBay can be found here:

Not all pulps listed on eBay sell. I’ve put together a list of those you can purchase from me directly, plus ones I’ve quoted to would-be buyers directly and not taken.

Here’s the link:

Lots of Dime Detective in this online list, plus a scattering of other titles.

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