William F. Deeck

LENORE GLEN OFFORD – Walking Shadow. Simon & Schuster, hardcover, 1959; Detective Book Club, hardcover reprint, 3-in-1 edition. Award Books A203F, paperback, 1966.

   Barbara Wyeth, stepdaughter of Tod McKinnon, mystery writer and now TV script writer for the Harrington Harte series, is in Oregon for the Shakespearean Festival. She is not an aspiring actress, however, even though she is cast in the role of a witch in Macbeth; she prefers to work on the costumes for the plays.

   Taking under her wing a young lady who obviously has some serious problems, Barby finds herself with problems, too. Her new friend is acting very strangely since she read a newspaper report of an “tentatively identified” body being found near San Francisco. Then things involving her friend begin taking place at the theater — thefts, poison oak in makeup, and the like. And one night Barby is attacked by a sword-wielding creature in one of the dressing rooms.

   McKinnon comes to the rescue, putting aside his script difficulties to aid his stepdaughter. He manages to find out who the corpse really was and who made her a corpse and why. Not a fair-play mystery, but nonetheless enjoyable for the theater setting and a few of the characters.

— Reprinted from The MYSTERY FANcier, Vol. 12, No. 1, Winter 1990.

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