I might be able to make a reasonable guess as to who the cover artist is, but since there’s no indication and I’m not sure, I’ve decided not to make myself look foolish. Philip Race was the pen name of E. M. Parsons; he wrote three crime fiction novels under this name, the other two for Gold Medal; and one as Parsons, that one for Avon.

PHILIP RACE Johnny Come Deadly

HILLMAN 179. Paperback original, 1960.

      From the back cover:


   Johnny was just a crap game hustler, but when he blew into town they pegged him wrong. The cops said, “Killer,” and slugged him simple. “Lover,” the rich gal said, and got him even worse mixed up. Next came the ex-striptease queen with the heart of gold or pewter, and the Happiness Boys from the Syndicate…

   All Johnny had going for him was fast pair of legs, a faster set of wits, and just maybe, the one female around who could be counted on to win it or lose it for keeps. A fickle broad named Lady Luck.