While I was visiting Jon in Burbank last week (home on Tuesday), we visited the local used music store just around the corner from him. It’s a sizable place specializing mostly in old used LPs in nice shape. Lots of obscure bands that I’ve never heard of, that’s what I look for, but Jon found and bought THE BEST OF THE GUESS WHO, the first track of which is the song below:

   If you’re a fan of their music, I’m sure you recognized it right away, no more then two or three seconds in — and maybe eve if you’re not. Here’s the rest of songs on the album, almost all of them also immediately recognizable:

       Side one

1. “These Eyes”

2. “Laughing”

3. “Undun”

4. “No Time”

5. “American Woman”

6. “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature”

       Side two

7. “Hand Me Down World”

8. “Bus Rider”

9. “Share the Land”

10. “Do You Miss Me Darlin’?”

11. “Hang On to Your Life”