I’ve sent most of today dealing with a bad mouse, or so it appears. It started gradually, but I spent over 45 minutes last night getting Ray’s review posted, a job that should have taken half the time, and today the problem was even worse.

   The mouse seemed to scroll OK, but whenever I tried to highlight a section of text, it seemed to go all over the place, jumping left when I wanted to go right, skipping over text, then deleting and pasting in the original, making a complete jumble of it.

   The mouse I had been using was wireless, so after wasting too much time trying to find out what setting had gone wrong, I finally located the old mouse on a cord I used to use, and while there are some very small problems with it, highlighting is a breeze now, as opposed to what was driving me crazy with the newer one.

   After the earlier adventures I’ve had this year, upgrading from Windows 7 to 10, then the fear of losing everything on this blog a few months back, I was hoping that the second half of the would be free of computer problems, but no, it was not to be.

   I’ll be back with a real post tomorrow, fingers crossed!