S. T. HAYMON – Death of a God. Inspector Ben Jurnet #4. Constable, UK, hardcover, 1987. St, Martin’s, US, hardcover, 1987. Bantam, US, paperback, 1990.

   Inspector Ben Jurnet reluctantly agrees to attend a concert given by the pop group Second Coming — a local group that hit it big — at the University in Angleby. As publicity for the concert, effigies of the three-man group have been “crucified” in Angleby Market Place garden. To his surprise, Jurnet greatly enjoys the concert, but doesn’t find it very enjoyable when he is awakened early next morning and called to the garden where the effigy of the lead singer has been replaced by the real thing, very dead and tied to the cross.

   This is extremely well written, with realistic characterization and believable dialogue. Inspector Jurnet bears quite a resemblance to Martha Grimes’ Richard Jury, both being extremely good-looking (something like Dan, who edits this and makes interpolations) and very considerate of the people who share the building they live in. Though I had hunch, which proved correct, where the solution lay, I enjoyed nearly all of it (except for the fate of the cat).

— Reprinted from The Hound of Dr. Johnson #40, September 2005.

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