FINANCIAL MYSTERIES - A Preliminary Checklist by Ellen Dark

    A possible definition of a financial mystery is a crime or detective story in which the primary protagonist is a banker or stockbroker, or in which the primary background is that of the world of banking, big business, investment agencies, or financial markets such as Wall Street. 
    The following books and series were suggested as a result of an inquiry I made on DorothyL in early December, 2005.  There are undoubtedly many others not yet included in the list that follows.  Please contact Steve at the email address below with any additions (or corrections) to the list.  An update will be published later.
Jack Anderson - The Japanese Conspiracy
David Baldacci - Total Control
Mark Cohen - The Fractal Murders
GDH & Margaret Cole - Death of a Millionaire
               Big Business Murder
Natasha Cooper - Out of the Dark
Michael Crichton - Rising Sun
Linda Davies - Nest of Vipers
               A Wilderness of Mirrors
               Into the Fire
Jeffrey Deaver - Mistress of Justice
Paul Erdman - The Set-up
              The Last Days of America
Joseph Finder - Paranoia
                The Zero Hour
Stephen Frey - Trust Fund
               The Takeover
               Money for Nothing
               The Bottom Line
               Called To Account
               Dangerous Assets
               Shadow Account
Tony Gibbs - Capitol Offense
John Harman - Money for Nothing
Gini Hartzmark - Bitter Business
David Ignatius - The Bank of Fear
R.J. Kaiser - Fruitcake
Paul Kilduff - Square Mile
               The Dealer
J. Dayne Lamb- various, including A Question of Preference
Emma Lathen - John Putnam Thatcher series
John Le Carre - Single & Single
David Liss - Conspiracy of Paper
Arthur Maling - Ripoff 
               Lucky Devil
Henning Mankell - Firewall
John R. Maxim - The Shadow Box
Brad Meltzer - The Millionaires
Annette Meyers - The Big Killing
               Tender Death
               The Deadliest Option
               Blood on the Street
               Murderthe Musical
               These Bones were made for Dancin'
               The Groaning Board
Richard K. Morgan - Market Forces
Janet Neel
Meg O'Brien - Sacred Trust
Lillian O'Donnell - Used to Kill
James Patterson - Black Market
Thomas Perry - Death Benefits
Dianne Pugh - Cold Call
              Slow Squeeze
              Fast Friends (Body Blow -UK)
Christopher Reich - The Devil's Banker
              Numbered Account
Linda L. Richards - Mad Money
              The Next Ex
Michael Ridpath - Free to Trade
               The Market Maker
               Final Venture
               Fatal Error
Maureen Robb - Patterns in Silicon
Gavin Robertson - Thousand
Joel Rosenberg - The Last Jihad
Lawrence Sanders - the Timothy series
Steve Shagan - A Cast of Thousands
Philip Shelby - By Dawn's Early Light
Jim Silver - Assumption of Risk
Patricia Smiley - False Profits
                Cover Your Assets
Peter Spiegelman - Black Maps
                Death's Little Helper
Michael M. Thomas - Black Money
Sabin Willett - Present Value
David Williams - Mark Treasure series, includes Treasure Up in Smoke

Note: has a booklist of finance fiction which includes crime novels.

Again I want to thank all those who contributed to this list.  I could not have done it without any of you

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