This page came about as a result of a review of Requiem for Rogues, by David Hume, which I posted on the Mystery*File blog here.   Included in that review were a list of all of the mysteries that the author, J. V. Turner wrote as Hume, as well as books under his own name and as by Nicholas Brady.  Some followup comment was posted here, with a final post to be found here.

   All that you will find here, or at least for now, are some of the covers from Turner’s books, shown a little larger and perhaps in more detail than they could be in the blog format.

   First, some background information on Hume from one of the back covers:

     Followed by some of the front covers:


     Then a sketch of Hume from another back cover:


     Two covers from the works of Nicholas Brady:

    And three covers by J. V. Turner, under his own name:


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