MURDER CLINIC: Radios Golden Age of Detection

by Victor A. Berch, Karl Schadow & Steve Lewis

    Whatever the laws of physics and probability are as they relate to research on matters relating to detective fiction, they invariably lead investigators into bypaths and side journeys that lead them into areas which were totally unanticipated beforehand.  While working on the tribute page to author John Godey after his death, Victor and Steve came across a radio play written by Morton Freedgood (Godey’s real name) entitled “Let Me Tell You About Manhattan,” which was broadcast on July 12, 1942, as part of the CBS series, Columbia Workshop

    In the same box of highlights for the day on the New York Times radio page was a notice of a new series called Murder Clinic on WOR, the flagship station for the Mutual network.  The title of the play that evening was “The Ordinary Hairpins,” a Philip Trent short story by E. C. Bentley.

    This of course caught both of our attentions, and we decided to investigate further.  No logs of the series were found, and the series seems to have escaped the attention of such OTR (Old-Time Radio) researchers as John Dunning (On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio, Oxford, 1998) and Jim Cox (Radio Crime Fighters, McFarland, 2002).  Nor is there a hint of a log on Jerry Haendige’s extensive old-time radio site.)

    Each week on Murder Clinic another detective story from another well-known mystery writer was adapted for broadcast.  Fans of the so-called Golden Age of Detection should certainly sit up and take notice at the veritable cornucopia of delights that were heard during the year and a few months that the program was on the air.  Every week another story by an author such as Edgar Wallace, Ngaio Marsh, Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr), Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham, G. K. Chesterton, Jacques Futrelle, Stuart Palmer, and (as we discovered) on and on. 

    It took some digging, mostly in old newspapers from across the country, but after some persistence, we have come up with an almost complete list of the titles of the stories that were broadcast in the series.   As much as possible, since in many cases all we had to go by was the title of the story, we have supplied the author, the detective and the first appearance of the story.    FOOTNOTE A.

    Soon after the first version of the log was posted, Karl Schadow emailed Victor and Steve, saying that he had been researching Murder Clinic on his own for many years (see above) and he was able to fill in many of the missing episodes, and were we interested?  The immediate reply back was an enthusiastic yes, and the result of this combined effort is an almost complete listing. 

    Before we begin with the log itself, here is brief overview that includes all that we have learned about the program so far.

    Prior to the program’s initial appearance over WOR (New York), the time slot between 9:30 and 10:00 pm was filled by various orchestras, among them Kay Kyser, Alvino Rey and Claude Thornhill until June 30, 1942.  The July 7, 1942, star featured the All Star Baseball game and the following week’s time slot featured a Win the War Mass Meeting.  Then Murder Clinic kicked in on the following week (July 21, 1942).  Eight months later, on March 7, 1943, the program switched to Sunday nights between 9:00 and 9:30, replacing the Navy show Anchors Aweigh.

    On October 4, 1942, The First Nighter program switched over from CBS to Mutual and was broadcast from 6:00 to 6:30 on Sunday evenings.  At the end of the regular season for The First Nighter,  on May 2, 1942, Murder Clinic switched time periods and came on three hours earlier as the summer replacement for the other program.

There were several other changes of days and times for Murder Clinic in the months that followed.  The final curtain rang down on October 27, 1943, after providing mystery lovers of the day well over a year’s worth of audio adaptations of many of their favorite stories.  What we wouldn’t give for having a time machine at our disposal so that we could easily go back and listen to each one of them ourselves – and wouldn’t you?

OPENING:  “Murder Clinic.  Stories of the world’s greatest detectives – men against murder.  Each week at this time, WOR-Mutual turns the spotlight on one of the world’s greatest detectives of fiction and invites you to listen to the story of his most exciting case.  Tonight we see Sir Henry Merrivale, known to all his friends as H. M., in a story, ‘Death in the Dressing Room.’”   [September 9, 1942.]

CLOSING:  “You have been listening to Murder Clinic Murder Clinic, the WOR-Mutual series which brings you each week one exciting case; one member from the special branch of the world’s great detectives.  Next week, Murder Clinic will bring you one of the best-known and best-beloved figures of all crime fiction, Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot.  Tales told on Murder Clinic are adapted by authors Lee Wright and John A. Blanton.  This is the Mutual Broadcasting System.”

KNOWN CREDITS [Compiled by Karl Schadow]

Lee Wright (creator, story collector/script adapter-writer)
John A Bassett (script adapter-writer)
Robert Lewis Shayon (producer/director) 07/21/42 - 08/11/42
Alvin Flanagan (producer/director) 08/18/42 - 11/24/42
Sherman "Jock "MacGregor (producer/director) 12/01/42 - end of run
Bill Hoffman (sound effects)
Ralph Barnhart (music composer)
Bob Stanley (orchestra director)
Frank Knight (announcer)
Dick Willard (announcer see 09/29/42 below)

    Cast (in no particular order)

Alan Hewitt
ELizabeth Morgan
Louis Hall
Milton Herman
Alfred Shirley
Horace Braham
Helen Claire
Charlotte Manson
Vivian Ogden
Mark Smith
Roland Winters
Maurice Tarplin
Ian Martin
Paul Stewart
Humphrey Davis
Ted deCorsia
Inge Adams
Ann Thomas
Beth Tate
Sam Bonnell
Francis Nielson (Frances Nielsen)
Jerome Thor
Herbert Yost
Juan Hernandez

    Individual episodes:

08/11/42  The Governor of Cap Haiten:  Herbert Yost (Poggoili), Juan Hernandez (Boisrand)

08/18/42  The Holloway Flat Tragedy:  Alfred Shirley (Carrados), Horace Braham (Louis Carlyle)

09/22/42  The Scrap of Lace:  Elizabeth Morgan (Mme. Storey), Inge Adams (Louise Mayfield), Humphrey Davis (Jack Rowcliffe)

09/29/42  Death in The Dressing Room:  Roland Winters (Merrivale), Paul Stewart (Tony Caplin, bartender), Inge Adams (Paula), Ann Thomas (Francine Rapport), Dick Willard (announcer for Air Raid Warning)

10/06/42  The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor:  Maurice Tarplin (Poirot)

10/13/42  Gulf Steam Green:  Mark Smith (Parr), Inge Adams (Estrelle)

12/01/42  Footsteps:  Alan Hewitt (Dr. Hailey)

12/29/42  A School Master Abroad:  Louis Hall (Dr. Dollar)

01/12/43  The Blue Geranium: Vivian Ogden (Miss Jane Marple)

01/26/32  The Sweet Shot:  Alan Hewitt (Philip Trent)

02/16/43  Murder at Pentecost: Ian Martin (Detective Montague Egg)

07/11/43  Ashcomb-Poor Case: Helen Claire (Mme. Storey), Charlotte Manson

07/25/43  Yellow Iris: Ted deCorsia (Poirot)

Notes: Bonnell, Tate, Nielsen and Thor may have composed the stock character list.  Elizabeth Morgan was cast as the lead (The Scrap of Lace) and appeared in other episodes throught the run.  Although the cast was promoted as being different every week, there are recurring cast members.  This info comes from various sources.

SPONSORS.   We do not believe that any of the episodes had sponsors, although what local stations may have done is beyond our knowledge.

NETWORKS AND TIMES OF BROADCAST  [Commentary provided by Karl Schadow]

    Unless specifically indicated otherwise, all of the programs in the series originated in the studios of WOR, New York, and were heard on most of the stations belonging to the Mutual network.  The broadcast times as listed in the log are as they would have appeared in local listings on the East Coast as Eastern War Time.  On the West Coast, Mutual was closely associated with the Don Lee network, and many of the programs in the series were heard on Don Lee stations, but at different times than those that are listed.  The program also aired in Canada as part of a CBC exchange, which is mentioned at the end of some of the existing recordings.

    The short chart below appears here only to reduce clutter in the log itself. 

07-21-42  WOR-Mutual  [Tuesday; 9:30-10:00 EWT]

07-21-42 to 8-25-42  WOR-Mutual; Don Lee, the following Sundays at 8:00-8:30 Pacific War Time (PWT)

09-01-42  WOR-Mutual; Don Lee, the following Sunday at 8:30-9:00 PWT.

09-08-42 to 10-06-42  WOR-Mutual; Don Lee, the following Sundays at 8:00-8:30 PWT.

10-13-42  WOR-Mutual; Don Lee, the following Saturday at 10-16-42 at 6:00-6:30 PWT  (??)

10-20-42  WOR-Mutual; Don Lee, the following Saturday at at 6:00-6:30 PWT.

10-27-42 to 11-03-42  Pre-empted on WOR-Mutual, suggesting that there were also no later broadcasts heard on the Don Lee stations.

11-10-42  WOR only.  Most if not all of the other Mutual stations aired Music for Fighting Men at this time; likewise did the Don Lee stations the following Saturday at 6:00-6:30 PWT.

11-17-42 to 01-30-43  WOR-Mutual; Don Lee, the following Saturdays at 6:00-6:30 PWT.

02-02-43  WOR-Mutual; unknown if broadcast on the Don Lee network.

02-09-43  to 03-02-43  WOR-Mutual; the program is now carried live on Don Lee stations from 6:30-7:00 PWT.

 = Except for WOR, all other publicity indicated that 03-02-43 was the last episode.

03-07-43 to 03-21-43  WOR only.  [Sunday; 9:00-9:30 EWT]  All other Mutual stations aired Old Fashioned Revival at this time.

03-28-43 to 04-04-43  WOR-Mutual.  [Sunday; 5:30-6:00 EWT]  During this two-week period Murder Clinic was shifted to replace The Shadow, which had ended its season a week earlier; it is not known if later broadcasts were aired on these two days in the program
s normal time period.  The program was also heard live on Don Lee stations from 2:30 to 3:00 PWT.

04-11-43 to 04-24-43  WOR only. 
[Sunday; 9:00-9:30 EWT]

05-02-43 to 09-19-43  WOR-Mutual.  [Sunday; 6:00-6:30 EWT]  Most Don Lee stations carried the program live at 3:00-3:30 PWT

 = Much publicity upon the return of Murder Clinic to the Mutual network in May.

    Additional research needs to be done for the programs listed from 09-05-43 on.  A good deal of switching around seems to have been going on.  Murder Clinic appears to have aired at the times and days stated for the Mutual network, but perhaps not for the Don Lee stations.  This is apparently true even for WOR itself between 09-05-43 to 09-19-43, as they had a sponsored program, The Show Shop, that was on the air in the place of Murder Clinic during the 6:00 to 6:30 time period.  One supposition is that they broadcast these shows live for the Mutual stations, but that they recorded and aired these three programs later at times as yet unknown to us.


    As well as we have been able to determine, we have supplied both the first periodical and the first book appearance for each of the stories which were broadcast as part of the series.  Many, many gaps remain.  If you can be of assistance, please do.  See the email address for Steve after the log below.

FOOTNOTE A.  We are aware of the limitations of using newspaper and magazine listings as primary source material.  
Publications printed in advance could know only what was planned to be broadcast and not necessarily what really was.  Changes may have been made up to the very last minute, including the possibility that a totally different story was used, rather than the one that was scheduled, or even more extreme, programs do get cancelled with very short notice.

    Here’s a relevant example.  An early version of the log below had Murder Clinic continuing through November 17, 1943, but when we received an email from Karl Schadow, we weren’t quite so sure, since Karl’s research showed that Nick Carter had gone on the air in that same time slot three weeks earlier.  Karl was right, and here’s what happened:

    The New York Sunday Times would run a listing of the week’s programs and that’s where it was that Murder Clinic showed up in the time slot we had.  However, if you go to the daily listing, it becomes evident that that period was filled by a Nick Carter program.  Victor looked through the Boston Globe and sure enough, on November 3, 1943, over WNAC (the WOR equivalent in that part of the country) began The Return of Nick Carter.

    Since this leaves us with the possibility, however, that there may even have been stories in the planning stages for the last three weeks of shows, through November 17, they are not included in the log below, but we felt that it was worth documenting in a footnote that they may have existed.

    Even once the title of the story used for an evening's performance had been solidly identified, from whatever source, those same sources  did not generally include either the author or the detective involved, and thus more research had to be done.  Karl’s work was done separately and independently from Victor and Steve’s, and as the pieces were put together, many identifications agreed, while others did not.   The log below is the result of combining the results of each of us, and deciding upon the ones we believe to be correct.

    To help achieve 100% accuracy, we
ll keep checking and double-checking.  There are other steps to take, such as consulting the scripts at the Library of Congress, and as we find more to add or corrections that need to be made, we will sure to do so, as this is an ongoing project.  Needless to say, but we will anyway, we’d be happy to have any omissions or corrections supplied to us in any instance where we have erred or have  gone astray.   Our thanks thus far to Martin Grams, Arthur Lortie, Dennis Lien and Allen J. Hubin for their additional information, suggestions and overall support.

UPDATE 1.  Besides the six in general circulation, two additional half-episodes exist at the Library of Congress: “The Age of Miracles” (9/15/1942; second half only), and “The Oracle of The Dog” (10/20/1942; first half only).   In the former, Uncle Abner is played by A. Winfield Hoeny.

MURDER CLINIC: Broadcast Log

   Time   Episode Title
    First  appearance

** = Follow the links to mp3 copies of these episodes. [0]

9:30-10:00 The Treasure Hunt Edgar Wallace J. G. Reeder The Grand Magazine, December 1924.  Collected in The Mind of Mr. J. G. Reeder, Hodder & Stoughton, UK, 1925.
7/28/1942 9:30-10:00 The Ordinary Hairpins E. C. Bentley Philip Trent The Strand, October 1916.  Collected in Trent Intervenes, Thomas Nelson & Sons, UK, 1938.
8/4/1942 9:30-10:00 The Avenging Chance Anthony Berkeley Roger Sheringham Pearson's Magazine, September 1929.  Collected in The Roger Sheringham Stories, Thomas Carnacki, UK, 1994.
8/11/1942 9:30-10:00 The Governor of Cap Haitien  **
T. S. Stribling Dr. Poggioli Adventure, November 10, 1925.  Collected in Clues of the Caribees, Doubleday Doran, 1929.
8/18/1942 9:30-10:00 The Holloway Flat Tragedy  **
Ernest Bramah Max Carrados Collected in Max Carrados Mysteries, Hodder & Stoughton, UK, 1927.  Prior appearance not yet known.
8/25/1942 9:30-10:00 The Flaming Phantom  [text]
Jacques Futrelle S. F. X. Van Dusen Boston American, November 13-19, 1905.  Collected in The Thinking Machine, Dodd Mead, 1907.
9/1/1942 9:30-10:00 The Rasp Philip MacDonald Col. Anthony Gethryn
Book length novel; W. Collins & Sons, UK, 1924.  Prior serialization not yet known, if any.
9/8/1942 9:30-10:00 Enter a Murderer Ngaio Marsh Roderick Alleyn Book length novel; Geoffrey Bles, UK, 1935.  Prior serialization not yet known, if any.
9/15/1942 9:30-10:00 The Age of Miracles 
Melville Davisson Post Uncle Abner Pictorial Review, February 1916.  Collected in Uncle Abner: Master of Mysteries, D. Appleton, 1918.
9/22/1942 9:30-10:00 The Scrap of Lace  **
Hulbert Footner 
Rosika Storey Argosy All-Story Weekly, August 4, 1923.  Collected in Madame Storey, George H. Doran, 1926.
9/29/1942 9:30-10:00 Death in the Dressing Room  **
Carter Dickson Sir Henry Merrivale  [1]
The Strand, February 1939.  Collected in The Department of Queer Complaints, Morrow, 1940.
10/6/1942 9:30-10:00 The Tragedy of Marsden Manor    **
Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot The Sketch, April 18, 1923.  Collected in Poirot Investigates, John Lane, UK, 1924.
10/13/1942 9:30-10:00 Gulf Stream Green  **
Frederick Irving Anderson     [2]
Deputy Parr Saturday Evening Post, June 15, 1929.  Collected in The Book of Murder, E. P. Dutton, 1930.
10/20/1942 9:30-10:00 The Oracle of the Dog G. K. Chesterton Father Brown Nash's Magazine, December 1923.  Collected in The Incredulity of Father Brown, Cassell & Co., UK, 1926.
10/27/1942 9:30-10:00 [Pre-empted by Navy Day ceremonies.]

11/3/ 1942 9:30-10:00 [Pre-empted by Election Day coverage.]

 - WOR only
9:30-10:00 Prince Charlie's Dirk Eden Phillpotts Inspector Ringrose
The London Magazine, 1926.  Included in Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery & Horror, Volume 1, Dorothy L. Sayers, editor, Victor Gollancz, UK, 1928.
11/17/1942 9:30-10:00 The Regent's Park Murder Baroness Orczy Old Man in the Corner The Royal Magazine, July 1901.  Collected in The Old Man in the Corner,  Greening & Co., UK, 1909.
11/24/1942 9:30-10:00 Perfect Crime of Mr. Digberry Anthony Abbot Thatcher Colt Hearst’s International combined with Cosmopolitan, October 1940.   Included in The Second Mystery Book, no editor stated, Farrar & Rinehart, 1940.
12/1/1942 9:30-10:00 Footsteps Anthony Wynne Dr. Eustace Hailey Flynn's Detective Fiction, January 9, 1926.  Collected in Sinners Go Secretly, Hutchinson, UK, 1927.
12/8/1942 9:30-10:00 The House of the Arrow A. E. W. Mason Inspector Hanaud Book length novel; Hodder & Stoughton, UK, 1924.  Prior serialization not yet known, if any.
12/15/1942 9:30-10:00 The Guilty Man Melville Davisson Post Colonel Braxton American Magazine, September 1929.  Collected in The Silent Witness, Farrar & Rinehart, 1930.
12/22/1942 9:30-10:00 The Missing Baronet
G. D. H. & Margaret Cole
Supt. Henry Wilson
Collected in Superintendent Wilson's Holiday, W. Collins & Sons, UK, 1928.  Prior appearance not yet known.
12/29/1942 9:30-10:00 A Schoolmaster Abroad E. W. Hornung Dr. Dollar Collected in The Crime Doctor, Eveleigh Nash, UK, 1914.  Prior appearance not yet known.
1/5/1943 9:30-10:00 The Case of the Late Pig Margery Allingham Albert Campion A long novelette (128 pages) published in book form; Hodder & Stoughton, UK, pb, 1937.  Prior appearance not yet known, if any.
1/12/1943 9:30-10:00 The Blue Geranium Agatha Christie Miss Marple The Storyteller, December 1929.  Collected in The Thirteen Problems, Collins Crime Club, UK, 1932.
1/19/1943 9:30-10:00 The Seven Good Hunters Rufus King Dr. Colin Starr Red Book Magazine, May 1941.  Subsequent hardcover appearance not known, if any.
1/26/1943 9:30-10:00 The Sweet Shot E. C. Bentley Philip Trent The Strand, May 1936.  Collected  in Trent Intervenes, Thomas Nelson & Sons, UK, 1938.
2/2/1943 9:30-10:00 The Hole in the Wall G. K. Chesterton Horne Fisher Cassell's Magazine, September 1921.  Collected in The Man Who Knew Too Much and Other Stories, Cassell & Co., UK, 1922.
2/9/1943 9:30-10:00 The Triangle at Rhodes Agatha Christie
Hercule Poirot This Week, May 1936.  Collected in Murder in the Mews, Collins Crime Club, UK, 1937.
2/16/1943 9:30-10:00 Murder at Pentecost  [3]
Dorothy L. Sayers
Montague Egg Collected in Hangman’s Holiday, Victor Gollancz Ltd., UK, 1933.  Prior appearance not yet known, if any.
The Big Time  [3]
Frederick Irving
Anderson   [2]
Deputy Parr Saturday Evening Post, October 1, 1927.  Collected in The Book of Murder, E. P. Dutton, 1930.
3/2/1943 9:30-10:00 The Policeman's Cape
David Frome  
Evan Pinkerton

Included in The Third Mystery Book: Six  Short Mysteries, no editor stated, Farrar & Rinehart, 1941.  Prior appearance not yet known, if any.
- WOR only
9:00-9:30 His Heart Could Break
Craig Rice
John J. Malone
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, March 1943.  Collected in The Name Is Malone, Pyramid G350, pbo, 1958.
- WOR only
9:00-9:30 The Black Kitten
Anthony Wynne
Dr. Hailey
Hutchinson’s Mystery Story Magazine, January 1927.  Collected in Sinners Go Secretly, Hutchinson, UK, 1927.
 - WOR only
9:00-9:30 The Line-Up
Helen Reilly
Insp. Christopher McKee
Book length novel; Doubleday Crime Club, 1934.  Prior serialization not yet known, if any.
 WOR-Mutual  [4]
5:30-6:00 Risk
Margery Sharp
Henry Cotterill
The Strand Magazine, August 1933.  Included in Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery and Horror, Dorothy L. Sayers, editor, Victor Gollancz, UK, 1935.
 WOR-Mutual  [4]
5:30-6:00 Whispering Poplars
Sax Rohmer
Moris Klaw
The New Magazine, September 1913, as “Case of the Whispering Poplars.”  Collected in The Dream-Detective, Jarrolds, 1920.
 - WOR only
9:00-9:30 The Mackenzie Case
Viola Brothers Shore Gwynn Leith The Mystery League Magazine, January 1934.  Included in 101 Years' Entertainment: The Great Detective Stories, 1841-1941, Ellery Queen, editor, Little Brown & Co., 1941.
 - WOR only
9:00-9:30 The Bunch of Violets

Ernest Bramah
Max Carrados
The Strand, July 1924, as "Said with Flowers."  Collected in The Specimen Case, Hodder & Stoughton, UK, 1924.
 - WOR only
9:00-9:30     ???

6:00-6:30 The Diary of Death
Marten Cumberland
P. Santos
The Strand Magazine, January 1928.  Included in The Best English Detective Stories of the Year 1928, Ronald Knox, editor, Faber & Gwyer Ltd., UK, 1929.    [5]
5/9/1943 6:00-6:30 Finger Prints
R. T. M. Scott
Aurelius "Secret Service" Smith
Possibly The American Magazine [not yet confirmed].  Collected in Secret Service Smith, E. P. Dutton, 1923.
5/16/1943 6:00-6:30 The York Mystery  [text] Baroness Orczy Old Man in the Corner The Royal Magazine, May 1902.  Collected in The Old Man in the Corner,  Greening & Co., UK, 1909.
5/23/1943 6:00-6:30 The Superfluous Finger  [text] Jacques Futrelle S. F. X. Van Dusen Sunday Magazine, November 25, 1906.   Included in Ellery Queen's Challenge to the Reader, Ellery Queen, editor, Frederick Stokes, 1938.  Collected in Great Cases of the Thinking Machine, Dover, pb, 1977.
5/30/1943 6:00-6:30 Jezebel of Valley Farms E. Phillips Oppenheim Nicholas Goade Collier's Magazine, March 27, 1926, as "Gypsy Blood."  Collected in Nicholas Goade, Detective, Hodder & Stoughton, UK, 1927.
6/6/1943 6:00-6:30 Dead Men's Shoes
Craig Rice
John J. Malone
Baffling Detective Mysteries, July 1943.  Collected in The Name Is Malone, Pyramid, pb, 1958, as "The Bad Luck Murders."
6/13/1943 6:00-6:30 A Tall Story G. K. Chesterton
Mr. Pond
The Storyteller, February 1936.  Collected in The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond, Cassell & Co., UK, 1936.
6/20/1943 6:00-6:30 The Virgin of the Mountains Melville Davisson Post Randolph Mason
Pearson's Magazine (US), Dec 1907-Jan 1908.  Collected in The Corrector of Destinies, Edward J. Clode, 1908.
6/27/1943 6:00-6:30 Pandora's Box
R. Austin Freeman
Dr. Thorndyke
Collected in The Magic Casket, Hodder & Stoughton, UK, 1927.  Prior appearance not yet known.
7/4/1943 6:00-6:30 Owls Don't Blink
A. A. Fair
Donald Lam & Bertha Cool
Book length novel; William Morrow, 1942.  Prior serialization not yet known, if any.
7/11/1943 6:00-6:30 The Ashcomb-Poor Case Hulbert Footner Rosika Storey Collected in Madame Storey, George H. Doran, 1926.  Prior appearance not yet known.
7/18/1943 6:00-6:30 Cricket T. S. Stribling ProfessorPoggioli Adventure, December 10, 1925.  Collected in
Clues of the Caribees, Doubleday Doran, 1929.
7/25/1943 6:00-6:30 Yellow Iris Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot The Strand, July 1937.  Collected in The Regatta Mystery, Dodd Mead, 1939.
8/1/1943 6:00-6:30 Guest in the House John Dickson Carr
Dr. Gideon Fell The Strand, October 1940.  Collected in Dr. Fell, Detective and Other Stories, Mercury, pb, 1947.
8/8/1943 6:00-6:30 The Riddle of the Blueblood Murders Stuart Palmer Hildegarde Withers Mystery, June1934.  Included in The Third Mystery Companion, A. L. Furman, editor, Gold Label Books, 1945.  Collected in Hildegarde Withers: Uncollected Riddles, Crippen & Landru, 2002.
8/15/1943 6:00-6:30 The Clever Cockatoo E. C. Bentley Philip Trent Metropolitan Magazine, July 1914.  Collected  in Trent Intervenes, Thomas Nelson & Sons, UK, 1938.
8/22/1943 6:00-6:30 The Absolute Zero Arthur B. Reeve Craig Kennedy Cosmopolitan, June 1915.  Collected in The Social Gangster, Hearst’s International Library, 1916.
8/29/1943 6:00-6:30 The Secret Garden G. K. Chesterton
Father Brown
The Story Teller, October 1910.  Collected in The Innocence of Father Brown, Cassell & Co., UK, 1911.
9/5/1943  [6]
6:00-6:30 Death on the Nile Agatha Christie Parker Pyne Nash's Pall Mall, July 1933.  Collected in Parker Pyne Investigates, Collins Crime Club, UK, 1934.
9/12/1943  [6]
6:00-6:30 A Bird in the Hand
Irvin S. Cobb Judge Priest
Cosmopolitan, December 1931.  Collected in Faith, Hope and Charity, Bobbs-Merrill, 1934.
9/19/1943  [6]
6:00-6:30 The Cyprian Bees Anthony Wynne Dr. Eustace Hailey
Flynn's Detective Fiction, February 6, 1926.  Collected in Sinners Go Secretly, Hutchinson, UK, 1927.
 - WOR only
4:30-5:00 Going Going Gone!
E. Phillips Oppenheim  [7]
Collier's Magazine, April 25, 1931.  Collected in Sinners Beware, Hodder & Stougton, UK, 1932
 - WOR only
4:30-5:00 After-Dinner Story
Cornell Woolrich  [8]
Black Mask, January 1938.  Collected in After-Dinner Story, J. B. Lippincott, 1944.
10/10/1943 4:30-5:00   [Pre-empted]

 - WOR only
4:30-5:00     ???

8:30-9:00 Death in the Sun G. D. H. and Margaret Cole
Mrs. Elizabeth Warrender
Collected in Mrs. Warrender's Profession, Collins, UK, 1938.  Prior appearance not yet known.
Replaced by The Return of Nick Carter.  [9]

  [0]  Thanks to Arthur Lortie for providing the mp3 copies of the six episodes that exist.

  [1]  The character in the original story was Colonel March, of the Department of Queer Complaints.

  [2]  The author’s name is incorrectly cited as Frederick Irving Sanderson.

  [3]  The story “The Big Time” was originally scheduled for 2/16/43, but it was postponed until the following week.

  [4]  The Shadow had ended its season the week before at this time, and Mutual filled the gap for this week and the following week with Murder Clinic.  It is has not been confirmed that two episodes were broadcast on each of the two evenings, as suggested by some sources, with the second one going on the air at the usual 9:00 hour on WOR only.

  [5]  A novel or short story collection by Marten Cumberland having the same title is suggested by at least one source on the Internet, but no additional evidence of its existence has been found.

[6]  These programs were aired live over the Mutual network, but may have been recorded for broadcast later on WOR.  See the extended comments in the section entitled NETWORKS AND BROADCAST TIMES above.

[7]  The author of the story with this title has not been confirmed, but the one by Oppenheim is the strongest possibility.

  [8]  Not yet confirmed.

  [9]  As pointed out in FOOTNOTE A above, there is a possibility that three additional programs were in the planning stages.

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