A Checklist of Aldine’s Tip Top Detective Tales,

by Victor A. Berch

    Tip Top Detective Tales was one of the Aldine Publishing Company’s many library series produced to capture the fancy of the youth of Great Britain.  This particular one ran from 1910 through 1912 when it morphed into just Tip Top Tales, produced to include stories of adventure, as well as those of criminal content.  With one exception, all of the novels included in the series were published anonymously.

    For a short history of the trials and tribulations of the Aldine Publishing Company, which was founded by Charles Perry Brown (1834-1916), see the excellent article by John Springhall, “Disseminating impure literature: the ‘penny dreadful’ publishing business since 1860” in ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW, XLVII, 3 (1994), especially pages 578-584.

1. The Telephone Trail; or,
Nick Carter’s Understudy. 
Setting: NYCity, Boston.  Series character/SC: Nick Carter

2. The Miser’s Hoard.  Setting: London

3. False Clues!  Setting: New York City

4. For Glittering Gold!, by
Emile Gaboriau.  Setting: Southeast Asia, Paris

5. Leagued with Rogues.  Setting: England

6. The Black Brotherhood.  Setting: New York

7. The Conjurer Detective.  Setting: England

8. Doctor Daylight; or, The
Gold Casket Mystery.  Setting:
Southwest US

9. The Cypher Clue.  Setting: Paris

10. Rival Detectives.  Setting: Paris

11. The Necklace of Death.  Setting: Paris

12. By Foul Play.  Setting: San Francisco

13. The Bomb Throwers.  Setting: Paris

14. The Detective from Dublin.  Setting: New York City

15. King of the Secret Seven.  Setting: London

16. A Spy in Petticoats.  Setting: London

17. The Motor-Bus Mystery.  Setting: Paris.  

18. Tracked in the Dark.  Setting: Michigan

19. A Rogue of High Degree.  Setting: London.

20. In Fetter of Guilt.  Setting: London.

21.  The Dandy Detective.  Setting: Australia

22. Dixon Brett’s Double Clue.  Setting: London.  SC: Dixon Brett

23. The Detective Partners.  Setting: London

24.  Caught in a Snare.  Setting: Chicago

25. The Office Boy Detective.

26.  Dixon Brett’s American Case.  SC: Dixon Brett

27.  Cool Jack of Colorado.  Setting: Colorado.  SC: Richard P. “Dandy Dick” Darrel (*)

28.  Dixon Brett and the Poisoners.  SC: Dixon Brett

29.  Flynn, the Ferret.

30.  The Finger-Print Mystery.

31.  Dixon Brett, Post-Office Detective.  SC: Dixon Brett

32.  The Amateur Detective.


33.  The Scarlet Clue.

34.  Doctor, or Rogue?  Setting: London.  SC: Dixon Brett

35.  The Smart-Set Detective.

36.  The Invisible Six.  Setting: Colorado.  SC: Richard P. “Dandy Dick” Darrel (*)

(*) Richard P. “Dandy Dick” Darrel, who appeared in two of these novels, was created by dime novelist
Robert Randall Inman, an unidentified pseudonym.


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