JILL McGOWN – Gone to Her Death. Lloyd & Hill #3. St. Martin’s Press, US, hardcover, 1990. Fawcett, US, paperback, 1991. First published in the UK as Death of a Dancer (Macmillan, hardcover, 1989).

   If you didn’t know anything about England except for what you read in their mystery novels, you would have to conclude that there is only one thing on the minds of everyone who lives there, male or female, day or night, and that is S-E-X.

   The scene is a public boys’ school, and even so, rape, attempted rape, voyeurism, impotence, nymphomania, repressed homosexuality, it’s all here. Even Inspector Lloyd is carrying on an affair with his sergeant, Judy Hill, and she’s still married. Spare me.

Afterthoughts:   I think maybe I should add that McGown does have some sobering things to say about rape, and then secondly, underneath it all is really a pretty fair detective story. There is not a single sympathetic character in the whole book, but if you make it through to the end, you may find that the working out of the mystery is quite satisfactory.

— Reprinted and somewhat revised from Mystery*File #21, April 1990.

Bibliographic Note:   There were 13 books in the Lloyd & Hill series, the last being Unlucky for Some (2004)