If you have a question or a topic about mystery and detective fiction that you would like to have answered or discussed, send it along and we’ll see what we can come up with.  To this date, the questions are as follows, with many more to come.

December 14.  HARDCOVER MYSTERIES SERIES.   Prompted by my preliminary checklist of the books published as Midnite Mysteries, Victor Berch asked about other such series.  I suggested a few, and Bill Pronzini provided the names of over a dozen others.  Click on the link and read more.

October 27.  Phil Stephensen-Payne, as part of his work on the Crime Fiction Index, needs quite a bit of information about the recently published but very elusive Red Herring Mystery Magazine.  Go here for a listing of what he needs.  He also supplies the data for the one issue he has everything he is looking for.  So far, no takers on the others.  Anyone?

October 18.  While working on a bibliography of Helen Reilly’s detective fiction, I came up with a few questions about her short stories.  A partial answer has been obtained so far.

October 17.  Prompted by a comment made by Marv Lachman concerning movies made from Carr’s novels, I asked if anyone could name movies in which “fair play" detective was a primary component.  Mike Grost replied back with a list of movies in which mysteries are set up and solved.  This is almost but not quite the same thing, and the question remains open.  (I also asked if the TV series Murder, She Wrote would meet anyone’s standard of “fair play” detection, but no one has yet replied, either yes or no.)

October 11.  My brother Merwin Lewis asked me why there have not been more movies made from the books of John Dickson Carr.  I put the question up for general discussion, which you will find here.

October 7.  Hector Miguel Chavez asked a question about a book by Marvin Albert in Spanish that does not seem to have a US edition.  A collaborative effort on the part of several people has resulted in a fairly definitive answer, along with a considerable amount of other information about Albert.



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