WITHOUT MOTIVE. ITV, UK. Series One, Fall 2000, 6 x 1 hour, less adverts. Ross Kemp, Kenneth Cranham, Jamie Foreman, Hazel Ellerby, David Kennedy, Lou Gish, Sean Murray, Jane Hazlegrove.


   Without Motive doesn’t have the same philosophical ambitions about the nature of crime as did the recent Tough Love [reviewed here ]. It is an investigation, pure and simple, of a series of rapes and murders committed in the Bristol and South Wales areas.

   Taking title lead is Ross Kemp as DC Jack Mowbray, who is part of the investigating team. We see him at work and at home where the stresses of the investigation cause friction and create problems. The investigation drags out over a year and though suspects are found it is impossible to find evidence to convict.

   The pressure mounts on the team leader, Detective Superintendent Henderson, played superbly by veteran Kenneth Cranham, but suddenly (in episode 6) the killer makes a mistake.

   Enjoyable watching without being any great shakes and a little disappointing, as often, in its ending. Kemp was enticed by ITV away from his starring role in the BBC’s EastEnders with the promise of lead dramatic roles but so far he has done little to suggest he has the acting range to cope.

— Reprinted from Caddish Thoughts #87, November 2000.

NOTE:   A second series was aired in 2001. Both seasons are available on DVD in the US in a fairly expensive box set of four disks.