CARTER BROWN – The Stripper. Signet S1981, paperback original, 1st printing, August 1961.


   She’s billed as Deadpan Delores, the girl who says it all from the neck down. Yes, indeed, she could easily provoke an interesting evening of intimate conversation. Lieutenant Al Wheeler unfortunately has a one-track mind and wants only to read between the lines.

   What it’s about, if it matters, is a suspicious suicide, a lonely-hearts club and a strip joint. It’d be unworthy of anyone to compare Wheeler’s activities to anything resembling actual police procedure, but if you like your detective fiction filled with incessant wisecracks and incredibly sexy dames, The Stripper might serve to soothe that ache in the mushy part of your mind.        (Rating: C)

— Reprinted from The MYSTERY FANcier, Vol. 1, No. 5, September 1977 (very slightly revised).

NOTE:   Geoff Bradley has reviewed both the book and the musical comedy based on it on this blog. (Follow the links.)