Recently posted on the Mysterical-E website is a definitive list of the Top Ten PI series ever televised, according to Jim Doherty. Definitive only to him, perhaps, but I’ll bet many of them are going to turn up on yours as well, if you were to make one. But there are a couple of them that may surprise you. They did me — not that I would disagree with him — but the chances I’d have come up with one or two of them on my own are slim.

   Before you head on over, you might want to take the following quiz. I chose one, two or maybe three words from Jim’s descriptions of each of the shows — the latter well worth reading in themselves. If I’ve done a good job, maybe you can match the phrases below with the corresponding series. Most should be easy, but if I’m a little sneaky, perhaps not.

      1 )   suave

      2 )   most violent show

      3 )   disgraced agent

      4 )   girth

      5 )   municipal corruption

      6 )   car never worked

      7 )   ex-con

      8 )   good-looking

      9 )   security officer

      10 )   covert ops