Hallo Steve!

   Yes, Donald Hamilton died in Visby (Gothland) Sweden on 20th of November last year. Unfortunately I didn’t know about his death until an English friend of mine, Jeremy Dund living in Stockholm, e-mailed me about it.

   I knew him well through my correspondence with him, and also because my wife and I visited him and his wife in their home in Santa Fe, many years ago. We were invited to stay a full week there, and we had a lot of nice hours together.

   He also visited me in my home when I lived alone in Sweden (1983). He and his wife Kathleen had dinner with me in my home at that time.

   He was a very nice and generous man, and he knew that his books were very popular all over the world.

   When I visited him last year in August in Visby in fact my hometown when I was 15 years old till I was 23 and moved to Uppsala (where Donald was born) he was in a home for the elderly, but he was in very good condition although his memory was not 100%. But he remembered me and the visit in Santa Fe, and we talked for a full hour about that and his books etc.

Iwan and Donald Hamilton

   His son Gordon then came and I talked to him and his wife. They had decided to take care of Donald for the rest of his life. The home he was staying at was excellent, and the service was the absolutely best you can get.

   Ill be driving to Sweden this summer, and hopefully Ill be in Visby for a week or so and will get in touch with the Hamilton sons then.

   Nice to hear from you, and if I can be of some help just let me know.

               Your friend Iwan

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