DIAMOND GEEZER. Granada TV, UK, April 2007. David Jason, Stephen Wight, Gary Whelan. Created by Caleb Ranson.


   Diamond Geezer was a three part series (90 minutes each, less adverts) to follow up the original programme (20 March 2005). Des (David Jason) is a superior crook with a heart who sets out to accomplish some impossible crimes. They are watchable but ludicrous and certainly not as clever as they profess to be.

   For example in the first, where Des steals the world’s largest diamond from Buckingham Palace no less, he has an accomplice press a button on a phone-sized devise which immediately knocks out all the close circuit TV in the Palace. No explanation at all as to what this devise is that can render the security useless or how Des could get one.

   Amusing, I suppose, if you want an evening with the brain disengaged.

Editorial Comment:   Although not released in the US, all three episodes plus the 2005 pilot are available on DVD in the UK. You need a multi-region player, but the box set should not cost you more than $20, including shipping. I had thought of picking it up, but after reading Geoff’s review, I am much less anxious to do so.