An interesting email arrived this morning from Vince Keenan, who obviously keeps up with current film news much more than I do. (Since that’s not at all, it isn’t hard.)

  Hi Steve —

   I’m sure Bill Pronzini’s recent M*F piece on Elliot Chaze had nothing to do with this. All a big coincidence, no doubt. Riiight …


   Actually, the involvement of Barry Gifford is a positive sign. Who knows? Maybe something will come of it.



   You can follow the link to read the full article, but here are the salient facts and a little more:

   Elijah Wood is making his first foray into producing, teaming with Anthony Moody and Rob Malkani’s Indalo Prods. to bring to the big screen an adaptation of Elliott Chaze’s legendary noir novel Black Wings Has My Angel.

   The script is being penned by Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart, Lost Highway) and writer-producer-director Christopher Peditto.

   … Angel, published in 1953, is considered one of the shining lights of the Fawcett Gold Medal paperback line and a pulp classic.


   “It’s the material,” said Wood, summing up why he decided to dip his foot into producing waters. “I’ve always been intrigued by noir novels and noir films. I love that style. And to unearth something from that era that hasn’t been made into a film or is not a remake is really exciting. It’s a lost classic.”

   Bill Pronzini’s reaction, after I’d forwarded Vince’s email on to him:


   Well, well, well. And about time, too. If Gifford plays the screenplay straight, rather than drifting off into David Lynch territory, and remains faithful to the novel, it should be one hell of a good film.



   Double ditto. My sentiments exactly. — Steve