GUNN. Paramount, 1967. Craig Stevens (Peter Gunn), Laura Devon (Edie), Edward Asner, Albert Paulsen, Sherry Jackson, Helen Traubel (Mother), Regis Toomey. Story-screenplay-director: Blake Edwards.

    Gunn is an elegantly tasteless thing, from the TV series Peter Gunn, with Craig Stevens tossing off bemused sophistication like a blonde wiggling out of a nightie. As written and directed by Blake Edwards (a variable commodity, but rather effective here) the film offers dry wit delivered with deadpan dexterity, stylish violence (including torture by racquetball) and a fine, kinky, savage wrap-up.

    It also offers Sherry Jackson popping up nude in Gunn’s apartment like the cinematic equivalent of a cheap paperback. Thinking it over, I have to say her motivation for this isn’t really convincing, but as I recall seeing it at the movies, it didn’t bother me a bit. I should also put in good words for Ed Asner, who inherits the Lt. Jacoby role and plays it quite well, and a minor actress named Marion Marshall as “Daisy Jane,” a tricky part which she brings off neatly.

            GUNN Movie 1967