“Ring of Kings, Ring of Thieves” From The Devlin Connection, 27 November 1982. NBC/Jerry Thorpe Production and Mammoth Films in association with Universal Television. Cast: Rock Hudson as Brian Devlin, Jack Scalia as Nick Corsello and Louis Giambalvo as Lt. Earl Borden. Guest Cast: Emory Bass, Stepfanie Kramer. Written by Rudolph Borchert. Directed by Jeff Bleckner. Created by John Wilder. Executive producer: Jerry Thorpe.

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   Brian Devlin was a successful PI who retired and now is the Director of the Cultural Arts Center in Los Angeles. One day Brian is visited by the son he never knew he had, Nick Corsello. Nick wants Brian’s help starting his own PI agency. Brian finds occasionally helping Nick is a good way for Dad and son to get to know each other.

   The series began October 2, 1982, and aired Saturday at 10-11pm on NBC. Opposite on ABC was FANTASY ISLAND and the last hour of the CBS SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES.

   I avoided this series when it was first on because of the cast, especially Scalia, but found this episode an entertaining spoof. While the episode was a typical 80’s TV mystery with believability issues, from the opening scene you get the sense that the show knew it and was having fun as mindless entertainment.

   In “Ring of Kings, Ring of Thieves” Devlin finds himself the center of attention after he buys a gift at a jewelry store, so he hires Nick to check out those following him.

   The opening is missing from the episode so a link to the series opening (from unknown episode) is here.


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