Every one of author Gladys Greenaway’s 11 books listed in CFIV are indicated as having marginal crime content.

   * -Shadows in the Sand (n.) Hurst 1958
   * -View of the Mountain (n.) Hurst 1959
   * -Follow a Shadow (n.) Hale 1961
   * -Spring Came Late (n.) Hale 1961
   * -Week of Suspense (n.) Hurst 1962
   * -No Looking Back (n.) Hurst 1963
   * -Sing Softly, Stranger (n.) Hurst 1963
   * -The Affair at Little Todsham (n.) Hurst 1964 [England]
   ** -Devil in the Wind (n.) Hurst 1966
   * -Follow My Leader (n.) Hurst 1966
   ** -Feather Your Nest (n.) Hurst 1967


   Those with double asterisks were reprinted in the US by Ace in paperback form, suggesting that they were published as “gothics” at a time when gothics ruled the paperback book business. Gladys Greenaway has a number of other titles to her credit, continuing on to 1982, if not longer. Presumably these are straight romances, with no criminal content to speak of.

   It was John Herrington again who has confirmed her year of death as 1991. Other than her books being offered for sale on the Internet, a Google search brings up no additional information about her.

[UPDATE] 03-31-07. To demonstrate that research into the writing careers of mystery authors never ends, John Herrington has pointed out that Gladys Greenaway’s middle name and initial are “Ivy M.”

   Also, while looking for copies of her books online, or other information about her, I discovered that Girl on the Heights, a title not listed above, was described by one bookseller as a “Inspector Henry Mason novel.” Even with only this one line, it was immediately obvious that this is a book that should be included.


   I sent the information on to Al Hubin, and he immediately agreed. Not only that, well, read his reply:


   You’re right, and I can’t discount most of her other novels either. They may be straight romances (at least one of them is), but I guess these additions/changes should be made to her entry in the CFIV Addenda #8:

-Cousin Alison. Hurst, 1969
-Girl on a Ladder. Hurst, 1972
Girl on the Heights. Hurst, 1968
-The Late Summer of Christine Hargreave. Hurst, 1970
-My Mother’s Daughter. Hale, 1983
-No Looking Back. Correct publication date to: 1960
-The Past Is the Prelude. Hurst, 1971
-The Small Circle. Hale, 1979
-Trial Run. Hale, 1982
-View of the Mountains. (title correction)
-Where the Wind Whistles. Hurst, 1964

   And I wonder about her novels as Julia Manners, but I can’t find any definite information.



   The hunt for new facts and data never ends!