The latest batch of covers uploaded to Bill Deeck’s Murder at 3 Cents a Day website are those for Gateway Books, 1939-1942.

Murder -- As Usual

   Here’s Bill Pronzini’s introduction to the page where you’ll find them:

   The imprint was a subsidiary of the Standard Magazines pulp group edited by Leo Margulies. Most if not all of the Gateway mysteries (and Westerns and light romances) were expansions and/or revisions of works that first appeared in such Standard pulps as Thrilling Detective, Popular Detective, The Ghost Detective, etc. Itís interesting to note that no Gateway titles in any genre were published in 1941. I have no idea of the reason for this, other than a guess that it was financially motivated.

   Authors include Norman Daniels, once under his own name and twice as William Dale; John L. Benton (Tom Curry) with two titles; Will F. Jenkins, aka Murray Leinster; G. T. Fleming-Roberts, as Frank Rawlings, with The Lisping Man, a novel featuring magician George Chance, aka The Ghost.

The Lisping Man