FALLGUY. Fairway International Pictures, 1962. Ed Dugan, George Andre, Louis Gartner, Don Alderette, Madeline Frances. Director: Donn Harling.

   Of the five names I’ve listed in the credits above, only one has more than one other credit to his or her name on IMDb, and that’s George Andre (aka George Mitchell), and I’ll bet you haven’t heard of him, either. Louis Gartner was in one other movie; for each of the others, it was one and done.

   Ed Dugan plays Sonny Martin, a young hotrodder who witnesses the driver of one car ahead of him on the road being shot by someone in another car. The first car goes over an embankment, Sonny goes down to help, but the wounded man pulls a gun on him and orders him to drive to a doctor’s house.

   But it turns out that the doctor is in with the gang that tried to rub out the wounded man, who ends up dead after a struggle with the doctor. The doctor and the rest of the gang try to frame the kid, and the frame might even have worked, since the chief of police is also one of the gang.

   The kid escapes — lots of good action scenes in this movie — and makes his way back to the doctor’s house, where he meets the doctor’s daughter (Madeline Frances) who doesn’t know her father is hooked up with the gang. Both the police and the gang are hot on Sonny’s trail. Does he have any way out?

   As I said the action scenes are good, the music is jazzy (but way too loud), the camera work better than average, but the dialogue is bad and the acting on the part of most of the participants is worse.

   What’s funny, though, is that the whole is far better than the sum of its parts. I can’t figure out why I kept watching, but I did, and I do have many other movies I could have been watching instead.