British bookseller Jamie Sturgeon has come up with two more books to add to the list of Rob Eden novels given in my review of his ‘alter ego’ Adam Bliss’s The Camden Ruby Murder. What’s more, based on descriptions of their story lines, Al Hubin has agreed that they should go into Crime Fiction IV, albeit with a dash before each of their titles indicating only marginal crime content.

   Complete bibliographic details will be available in the next Addenda for CFIV. For now, here are the titles and short synopses of their plots:

      THE WRONG GIRL, by Rob Eden

    “Trudy Vernon was only a clerk at the ribbon counter in Dana’s Department Store. But she looked like Sharon Carr, a famous dancer in a popular show.

    “Sharon wanted privacy and Trudy wanted to meet Phil Dana, who would never see her behind a counter. So she consented to pose as the dancer. She was frightened at the risk – but it was only for a week-end, she told herself. How could she, at twenty, know that a week-end could mar two lives – that her resemblance to Sharon would throw them into a whirlwind of romance, adventure and intrigue?

    “Here is a grand, up-to-the-minute story with a full quota of thrills and excitement, that rushes from country estates to Atlantic Cty beauty pageants, from millionaires to kidnappers.”

The Wrong Girl

      THE GIRL AND THE RING, by Rob Eden

    “Take one attractive young lady, wandering into an auction room simply to while away a few minutes. Take one odd silver ring with a four-leaf clover design, which she somehow found herself bidding for, and buying. Take one brown-haired, blue-eyed, pleasant-voiced young man, so interested in her purchase that he stopped Madge outside the auction rooms and offered to take the ring off her hands at ten times what she’d paid for it. Take a dash of mystery, a dash of danger, a generous sprinkling of romance. Result: Rob Eden’s latest absorbing story of human hearts.”