TWO GIRLS ON BROADWAY. MGM, 1940. Lana Turner, Joan Blondell, George Murphy, Kent Taylor, Richard Lane, Wallace Ford. Director: S. Sylvan Simon.

   Reportedly a remake of The Broadway Melody (1929), a movie I have not seen, but which was described to me as definitely being a pre-Code film in many ways. You will have to tell me.

   What most is definitely true is that Lana Turner is the featured attraction in this one, and although still very early in her career, she certainly is extremely attractive, innocently glamorous and intrinsically eye-catching as well as any other similar compounded adjectives you can think of. Besides looking quite shapely getting dressed (or undressed) backstage, Miss Lana Turner also demonstrates that she could keep up very well on the dance floor with Mr. George Murphy, a pretty good hoofer himself.

   The story is only incidental. Two sisters (Lana and Joan Blondell) head for New York with the fiancé of the latter in search of fame and fortune on Broadway, only to learn that the younger sister and the fiancé are meant for each other, while the young lady in question is at the same time resisting the advances of a Broadway cad, who has been married five times already and is trying to leer his way into the arms of a sixth.

   But who cares? I enjoyed this one.