This is the movie tie-in edition, with a photo of Elizabeth Montgomery taken from the film. The film was in black-and-white, though, and this cover is in color:

McPartland- The Kingdom of Johnny Cool

   From the front cover:

A raw, renegade kid with enough guts to take on the whole damned underworld — A beautiful girl with enough innocence to believe in him.

   From the back cover:

They picked their man, and taught him well.

All the right names.

All the right tricks.

All the ways to kill a man and never leave a trace.

And when they had a fine, smooth precision tool for death, they gave him the name of a gangland titan and turned him loose in the underworld empire the mobster had once owned. And they said: Take it, Johnny. Get it back. It’s yours.

McPartland- The Kingdom of Johnny Cool

GOLD MEDAL k1343. Second printing, September 1963. [above] First printing: Gold Medal 881, 1959. I don’t happen to have at hand my copy of the first printing, but I found a cover elsewhere on the Internet. Both editions are scarce. On ABE when I checked just now, there were 9 copies of the first printing, and two of the second.

McPartland- The Kingdom of Johnny Cool

   The movie was simply titled Johnny Cool (United Artists, 1963). Henry Silva played the title role.

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