The cover artist is Roger Roth, who is perhaps best known for his detailed illustrations for children’s books — but that’s not all he’s done:

Charteris: Last Hero

IPL. Hodder & Stoughton, UK, hc, 1930. Doubleday Doran (Crime Club), US, hc, 1931. Also published as: The Saint Closes the Case, Sun Dial Press, hc, 1941; paperback reprint: Fiction K103, 1967 [TV series tie-in with Roger Moore cover]. And as: The Saint and the Last Hero, Avon #544, pb, 1953. Other paperback reprints, under original title: Ace Charter, February 1982; International Polygonics, November 1988.

      From the back cover:

   How Simon Templar makes the acquaintance of arch-villain Dr. Rayt Marius, destroys a dangerous death ray, and thereby saves the world from catastrophe and a second Great War.

   Business as usual — for the Saint.

      From inside the front cover:

   ‘My name is Templar — Simon Templar.’

SIMON TEMPLAR: a/k/a The Saint, the Happy Highwayman, the Brighter Buccaneer, the Robin Hood of Modern Crime.

DESCRIPTION: Age 31. Height 6 ft., 2 in. Weight 175 lbs. Hair black, brushed straight back. Complexion tanned. Bullet scar through upper left shoulder; 8 in. scar on right forearm.

SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS: Always immaculately dressed. Luxurious tastes. Lives in most expensive hotels and is connoisseur of food and wine. Carries firearms and is expert knife thrower. Licensed air pilot. Speaks several languages fluently. Known as “The Saint” from habit of leaving drawing of skeleton figure with halo at scenes of crimes.