I decided to fill in some of the gaps in Part 9 last night, but time was limited, and I didn’t get very far. I discovered that one of the authors whose career I chose to look into, Charles Beardsley, wrote a list of titles as long as your forearm, but Al Hubin is correct, only two of them qualify for inclusion in Crime Fiction IV.

   Beau Riffenburgh, another of the authors covered in this posting, is one of those people whom you wonder about. How can they find so much time in the day to do all they do? Read on.

BATTYE, GLADYS STARKEY. 1915-1975. Add year of death. Pseudonym: Margaret Lynn, q.v.

BEARDSLEY, CHARLES (NOEL). 1914-1994. Date of death confirmed. Pseudonym: Jocelyn Radcliffe, q.v. Born in California; held many jobs around the world, including those of port representative in the Philippines and engineering reports writer in Khuzestan. He became a full-time writer in 1968. Under his own name, the author of many novels, most often as US paperback originals; two early thrillers are included in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV. See below.
            Baksheesh and Roses. Mayflower, UK, pb, 1968.
            A Raging Wind. Davies, UK, hc, 1961. Setting: Morocco.

Beardsley: Raging Wind

BEAUFORT, SIMON. Joint pseudonym of husband-and-wife writing team Elizabeth Cruwys, 1958- , and Beau Riffenburgh, 1955- , q.v. Add year of birth for the latter. Under this pen name, the authors of two historical mystery novels included in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV. See below. Add series character in each: Sir Geoffrey Mappestone, a Medieval knight whose first brush with murder occurs while on a Crusade. Since 2000 there have been at least three more titles in the series. Dr Beau Riffenburgh and Dr Elizabeth Cruwys have also been editor and assistant editor for Polar Record, an internationally refereed journal of polar research. Note: On her own, Elizabeth Cruwys also writes historical mysteries as Susanna Gregory.
      A Head for Poisoning. St. Martin’s, hc, 1999. Setting: England, 1101 AD.
      Murder in the Holy City. St. Martin’s, hc, 1998. Setting: Jerusalem, 1100 AD.

Beaufort: Murder in Holy City

LYNN, MARGARET. Pseudonym of Gladys Starkey Battye, 1915-1975, q.v. Add year of death. Under this pen name, the author of six novels included in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV. First published in the UK, all six were reprinted in the US, five in hardcover. When published in the US in paperback editions, the books were generally considered to be a gothic romantic suspense novels.

RADCLIFFE, JOCELYN. Pseudonym of Charles Beardsley, 1914-1994, q.v. Confirm date of death. Under the pen name, the author of one gothic romantic suspense novel included in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV. See below.
      Blackwood. Curtis, pb, 1974. Setting: California. “Blood ties turned into a stranglehold of horror in a place where a kiss could kill.”

Radcliffe: Blackwood

RIFFENBURGH, BEAU. 1955- . Add year of birth. Joint pseudonym with Elizabeth Elizabeth Cruwys, 1958- : Simon Beaufort, q.v. He is not only a mystery writer, but both a historian specializing in polar exploration and a noted expert on American football, with many publications to his credit.