I was working in the A section of Part 21 this afternoon, and I made my way down to “Anonymous” before stopping and checking with Al Hubin on some details, which included a possible new real name of one of the authors.
   As for the names you’ll recognize the most, James Anderson, who died earlier this year, was one of the best writers of retro-1930s mystery fiction around and will be missed. Jack Anderson, if you’re of a certain age, you will know largely for his other endeavors, but his fiction is in Crime Fiction IV, no doubt about it.
   And by the way, take a look at the three cover images included in this blog posting. How different could three books be and still be in the same genre?

ALDRIDGE, LAWRENCE. Add as a new author entry. Pseudonym (?) of John Aldridge Lawrence Darrell, q.v. Born in London.
      Anagram in Africa. Book Guild Ltd., UK, hc, 1985. Setting: Africa.

ALLATINI, ROSE. 1890-1980. Pseudonym: Eunice Buckley, q.v. Add as the author’s real name.

ANDERSON, JACK(SON NORTHMAN). 1922-2005. Correct year of birth and add year of death; add middle name and full first name. Famed Pulitzer-prize winning political columnist with four thriller novels included in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV, one marginally. See below.
      Control. Zebra, hc, 1988. [Intrigue in the multi-media newspaper-television business.]


      The Japan Conspiracy. Zebra, hc, 1993. [A sneak attack on the US economy by Japanese industrialists.]
      -Millennium. Forge, hc, 1994. Add setting: Washington DC. [An extraterrestrial’s only chance at survival and hope to warn the Earth of an enemy alien power “hinges on a hard-bitten journalist in the twilight of his career and his beautiful, impetuous assistant.”]
      Zero Time. Zebra, hc, 1990.

ANDERSON, JAMES. 1936-2007. Ref: CA. Add year of death. Author of 13 works of crime fiction listed in the (Revised) CFIV, three of which are novelizations of the television series Murder, She Wrote. The first word in the title of each of his other 10 novels (other than “The”) begins with the letter A. These range widely from cozy 1930s-style manor house mysteries (two highly amusing Chief Inspector Wilkins novels) to political thrillers and police procedurals. One of the Wilkins mysteries is shown below (Avon, pb reprint, 1983); an additional case, The Affair of the Thirty-Nine Cufflinks, appeared from Poisoned Pen Press in 2003.


      Assault and Matrimony. Add: TV movie: NBC, 1983 (scw: John Binder; dir: James Frawley)
      The Murder of Sherlock Holmes. Add: Novelization of TV movie: Universal, 1984 (scw: Richard Levinson, William Link; dir: Corey Allen). SC: Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury). [Note: This is the pilot and premiere episode of Murder, She Wrote.]

      Add: Bonanza Bill, Miner; or, Madam Mystery, the Female Forger. Aldine, 1890s. [Boys’ First-Rate Pocket Library, #112.] Also rewritten and published as: Madame Mystery. Aldine, 1913. Setting: San Francisco. [Derived from the dime novel/story paper Bonanza Bill, Miner; or, Madam Mystery, the Female Forger, by Edward Lytton Wheeler, 1854?-1885, Beadle’s Half-Dime Library, 1879.]
      Add: The Exploits of Deacon Polden. Pickering, UK, n.d. [Stated as by “A London Journalist.”] Story collection as follows, all with SC: Deacon Polden.
            The Anniversary
            Jim Bardsley Passes On
            Joshua Solves a Mystery
            Just One and Another
            Mrs. Minter’s Ghost
            The New Assistant
            Poison Once and Poison Twice
      _Madame Mystery. Aldine, 1913. A rewritten edition of Bonanza Bill, Miner; or, Madam Mystery, the Female Forger.
      Pauline, the Female Spy. [Stated as by “A Lieut.-Col. of the U.S.A.”] NY: Dawley, pb, 1865. Correct setting to: Nashville TN, Lexington KY. [Dawley’s New War Novels, No. 2.]

Pauline, the Female Spy

BUCKLEY, EUNICE. Pseudonym of Rose Allatini, 1890-1980. Add the author’s real name and both dates. Born in Vienna to a Polish mother and an Italian father, brought up in England. Married composer Cyril Scott in 1921; separated 20 years later. Under many pen names, the author of many novels concerned with reincarnation and/or having lesbian references. As Buckley, the author of one book included in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV. See below.
      Music in the Woods. Dakers, hc, 1952.

DARRELL, JOHN ALDRIDGE LAWRENCE. Pseudonym (?): Lawrence Aldridge, q.v.