This morning Al Hubin sent me Part 22 of his ongoing online Addenda to the Revised Crime Fiction IV, and I uploaded it to the CFIV website this afternoon.

   It’s noticeably shorter than previous installments. Al has exhausted most of the databases that he’s been systematically checking his records against: Contemporary Authors, Social Security files and so on. Most of the data now consists of small incremental pieces of information. Death dates, correctly identifying pseudonyms, adding settings, series characters, films made from movies, and every so often, new authors and titles that have been been missed till now.

Mike Brett Ace Double

   Some small highlights from this installment. The Mike Brett who wrote a couple of books in the Ace Double series has been identified by his daughter as the same Michael Brett who later wrote the Pete McGrath PI novels for Pocket, among other work. The “Leslie Frederick Brett” who previously was supposed to have been the Ace Double Mike Brett has been scratched as that author. He is now the Michael Brett who wrote one criminous three-act play included in CFIV.

   This is probably confusing. As soon as I have a free moment or two, I’ll do my best to straighten it all out, and you’ll read about it here first.

   Also discovered have been three made-for-British-TV movies based on the Dr. David Audley spy novels by Anthony Price, films that had escaped Al’s notice until this week, when I happened to watch one of them (The Cold War Killers, based on The Labyrinth Makers) in a bargain DVD four-pack of “War Movies” I bought cheaply at a local library sale.

Anthony Price - Labyrinth Makers

(The movie is recommended, by the way, although as usual I found I missed quite a deal, as whenever I watch a British spy movie the first time through, the cryptic conversations do not quite click as well as they should until I watch them a second time, which I haven’t yet.)

   Two movies based on a pair of P. D. James’s books are also included, missed until now. Fans of Jacques Futrelle’s stories might like to know that his year of birth has been corrected, as well as the discovery of the name he was born under: John Heath Futrell. (Thanks to Victor Berch for these small but crucial pieces of information.)

   Also note the following entry. Perhaps she was the longest living member of the MWA?

         FAULKNER, FLORENCE (OSTERN). 1899-2006.