Uploaded earlier this morning was Part 38 of the Addenda to the Revised Crime Fiction IV, by Allen J. Hubin. It’s another huge installment, well over 80 printed pages long, or approximately 163K online.

   And of course you’re certainly welcome to stop by and look around. Much of the data consists of the usual: corrections to previous data, added birth and death dates — always more of the latter in each new upload, alas — identities behind pen names discovered, settings and series characters added. Even though the closing date of the Bibliography remains fixed at the year 2000, there is no end to the flow of information coming in.

   I’m pleased to say that some of data is generated from posts on this blog, and the followup comments. As one such example, a thorough review of the series characters in Mignon Eberhart’s books and short stories was conducted in the comments following Curt Evan’s review of her novel The Pattern.

   Al checked them out, and in Part 38 of the Addenda he’s added the ones he’s decided as having played major roles in Eberhart’s work. This is one small example of the updating and correcting that’s still going on — Part 39 is already in progress — with input from many sources and contributors. Thanks to all!