I’ve been too long away from working on the online Addenda to the Revised Crime Fiction IV, and it felt good to get back. This afternoon I tackled the further end of Part 24, alphabetically speaking. Nothing seems to be known about James Yardley, the second of these two authors. I’ll report back later if more digging turns anything up.

WOLFERT, IRA. 1908-1997. Noted journalist and war correspondent during World War II; received the Pulitizer Prize for The Battle of the Solomons, published in 1943. Author of one novel included in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV. The following is now the author’s complete entry.
      Tucker’s People. L. B. Fischer, hc, 1943. Add: Victor Gollancz, UK, hc, 1944. Also published as The Underworld (Bantam, 1950). Add setting: New York City. Film: MGM, 1948, as Force of Evil (scw: Abraham Polonsky, Ira Wolfert; dir: Polonsky). “Based loosely on the rise and fall of Dutch Schultz, the book presented a vivid picture of life among the poor and restless in New York City.” [The movie, starring John Garfield as a crooked lawyer, is considered by many a classic film noir.]

Ira Wolfert: Tucker's People.

      _The Underworld. Bantam, pb, 1950. See Tucker’s People.

Ira Wolfert: The Underworld

YARDLEY, JAMES. Author of two spy novels included in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV. See below. The leading character in each is Kiss Darling, the “chick with the computer brain and the venus body.”
      A Kiss a Day Keeps the Corpses Away. Michael Joseph, UK, hc, 1971. Signet, US, pb, 1971. Add setting: England. “A madman millionaire […] holds the fate of mankind in a handful of pills.”

Yardley: Kiss a Day

      Kiss the Boys and Make Them Die. Michael Joseph, UK, hc, 1970. Signet, US, pb, 1970. “As the rising waters of the Nile build up behind the Aswan Dam, the entrance to a 3000 year old temple of Rameses II is dramatically exposed.”

Kiss the Boys