It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these “maps in mysteries” posts, since last October, as a matter of fact, unless my records are off. British mystery fan and bookseller Jamie Sturgeon has been saving these for me, patiently waiting till I did something useful. Like get them online, as I’m finally doing now.

   The first comes from an author I’d frankly never heard of until now. I imagine that his books are scarce, too, but Jamie had one for sale last November:

Laurence Geogeghan

LAURENCE GEOGHEGAN The Brackenbridge Enigma. Methuen, UK, 1929.

   The next two are from books by Herbert Adams, a writer best known for his golfing mysteries:

Herbert Adams

HERBERT ADAMS The Nineteenth Hole Mystery. Collins, UK, 1939. [Roger Bennion]

Herbert Adams

HERBERT ADAMS The Body in the Bunker. Collins, UK, 1935. Lippincott, US, 1935. [The map is from the Collins edition, but it may have also appeared in the Lippincott.]

— Bibliographic information taken from Crime Fiction IV, by Allen J. Hubin.