I’ve not been able to do much posting here on the blog this week, but I hope to get back in the routine again soon. Pushing me in the right direction this morning was Al Hubin, who sent me Part 25 of the online Addenda to his landmark bibliography Crime Fiction IV, and I was able to upload it this afternoon.

   Follow the first link directly to Part 25. The second one will lead you to the main page, which has a little more information about what this long ongoing project is all about.

   There are no major pieces of information in this installment, only a slow but steady accumulation of answers to trivia questions, perhaps: newly identified settings, corrected publication dates, added movies or TV films based on mystery novels, newly discovered series characters, new editions of old books under new names or titles, on and on. Even though the cutoff for titles is the year 2000, additions and corrections like these keep coming in.

   A small percentage of the information, by the way, has been previewed on this blog over the past few weeks. Al sends me the basic data, and eventually I expand and annotate the individual entries. I’ve not yet had a chance to do any of that for Part 25, but it’s on my agenda of things to do over the next few days.