I’ve been busy recently, but things are starting to look up. After a long break, I’ve finally been able to add some links and images to the online Addenda to the Revised Crime Fiction IV, by Allen J. Hubin. Here are some of the results from Part 25, which I uploaded a short while ago this evening. There’s no connection between the authors so far as I can see. They represent several different genres and sub-genres, but all of them are crime fiction, in one form or another.

   And don’t forget: Anything you can add that’s relevant to these authors or their work would be welcome. Corrections, too!

GRESHAM, STEPHEN (LEROY). 1947- . Add pseudonym: J. V. Lewton, q.v. Other pen name: John Newland. Author of many novels of supernatural horror, mystery and suspense, three of which are included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, two marginally. The author presently lives in Auburn, Alabama, where he teaches creative writing at Auburn University.
      -Midnight Boy. Zebra, pb, 1987.
      Rockabye Baby. Zebra, pb, 1984. “He rocked them into eternal sleep with a lullaby of death.”
      -Runaway. Zebra, pb, 1988.

GREY, EVELYN. Pseudonym of Susan Leslie Liepitz, 1954- , q.v. Add as a new author entry. SC: Serena Miles Camberleigh, in both titles. Both were published as thick Gothic romances at nearly the end of the genre’s period of popularity. (Averaging over 400 pages long, they may have been the longest Gothics ever published.)
      Camberleigh. Berkley, pb, 1985. Setting: England, past.
      Mayfair. Berkley, pb, 1986. Setting: England, past.

Evelyn Grey

LESLIE, EDWARD. Pseudonym of Leslie Edward Sellicks, 1902- , q.v. Author of three works of crime fiction included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, one marginally:
      The Red Slayer. Herbert Jenkins, UK, hc, 1929.
      The Seventh Entanglement. Herbert Jenkins, UK, hc, 1930. Add setting: England.
      -White Man’s Prestige. Frederick Warne, UK, hc, 1939.

LEWTON, J. V. Pseudonym of Stephen (Leroy) Gresham, 1947- , q.v. Other pseudonym: John Newland, q.v. Add as a new author entry. Both books below are horror/mystery novels intended for younger readers.
      Called to Darkness. Zebra, pb, 1995.
      Just Pretend. Zebra, pb, 1994.

NEWTON Just Pretend

LIEPITZ, SUSAN LESLIE. 1954- . Add as a new author entry. Pseudonym: Evelyn Grey, q.v.; other pen names: Ashley Allyn, Susan Leslie. Romance fiction author, some of whose books have crime-related components, including the one below:
      Mystic Memories. Jove, pb, 1998. Time travel romance. Setting: Present/past (1833). Leading character: psychic private investigator Cara Edwards, who is hired to trace a young boy who has disappeared on a restored sailing ship.

LIEPITZ Mystic Memories

SELLICKS, LESLIE EDWARD. 1902- . Pseudonym: Edward Leslie, q.v.