Excerpted from a recent email from Bill Pronzini:

   The Howard Hunt bibliography and commentary on your blog recently was of particular interest, since Iíve always had a soft spot for his fiction (if not for his politics). Among my personal favorites are two first-rate suspense novels written early in his career, MAELSTROM and BIMINI RUN, his first three Gold Medals, and the Steve Bentley series. The Bentleys are pure potboilers, but done with a style and flair that make them compulsive reading.


   And from one a few days later:

   The man could write when he put his mind to it, as in BIMINI RUN. Farrar Strauss published the hardcover, Avon a reprint edition. Itís well worth reading. May be in his best novel, in fact. MAELSTROM is very good, though flawed, and the same is true of THE VIOLENT ONES and his other early Gold Medal originals.

   My reaction? More books to track down and read!


   The online Phoenix Press project Bill and I are working on and which I mentioned a few weeks ago stalled out this past week for a few days while I got caught up on other matters, but the pace has quickened again. The covers for the Phoenix Press mysteries are now complete through 1942. We hope that you’ll keep checking out the site, as we plan to continue uploading covers as quickly as we can.