ALAN RIEFE – The Lady Killers. Huntington Cage #1. Popular Library, paperback original, 1975.

   The gimmick here is that super-sleuth New York City detective Hunt Cage has a convenient twin brother in New Jersey, an artist ready to leave his models to take up the chase when needed. This of course causes much confusion to criminals, and to girl friends.

   Girls who are not friends, but are “hit-men” for the Mafia, are the brothers’ target in this adventure. Women’s lib advances. Lots of bullets – mostly between the bad guys’ eyes – but there is a light touch to be found here and there midst the shootings. I think it safe to say that you can read this at the same time as chewing gm, or even watching TV.

   There are already four more on the stands.

Rating: C.

— Slightly revised from The Mystery Nook, Vol. 2, No. 2 (whole #8), 15 December 1975.

      The Huntington Cage series –

1. The Lady Killers (1975)
2. The Conspirators (1975)
3. The Black Widower (1975)
4. The Silver Puma (1975)
5. The Bullet-Proof Man (1975)
6. The Killer with the Golden Touch (1975)

Note: Among other fictional work Alan Riefe might also be noted for writing a dozen or more adult westerns as J. D. Hardin, and a large number of romance novels as Barbara Riefe.