J. RANDOLPH COX (1936-2021).


   It is with much sadness that I pass along news of the death of Randy Cox, a long-time correspondent and friend. He died in a nursing home on September 14th, just over a week ago. We met many times at various conventions over the years, starting in the 1970s. These include Old Time Radio Conventions and Pulpcons. The list below of awards, publications (only partial) and other achievements demonstrate full well his many interests, all of which are aligned with mine.

   Before his hospitalization earlier this year, he was a frequent commenter on this blog, many of them (but hardly all!) pointing out various typos and other corrections, always to my dismay. His one actual post was entitled “A Discussion: THE FUTURE OF TV WATCHING, by Michael Shonk and Randy Cox.”  which appeared here on 14 March 2015.

   In person, Randy was a delight to talk to. Not only did we have many interests in common, but he’d also met and/or corresponded with many famous writers and had many stories to tell about them. In groups of other people, I heard some of these stories several times, but they were just as delightful and enjoyable each and every time. One thing’s for sure. I’m going to miss him.

● Long time librarian at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.

● Editor of The Dime Novel Round-Up for over 20 years.

● Editor of Masters of Mystery and Detective Fiction (Scarecrow Press, 1989)

● Author of Man of Magic and Mystery (Scarecrow Press, 1989; a biblio-biography of Walter Gibson, the creator of The Shadow)

● Author of The Dime Novel Companion (Greenwood Press, 2000)

● Co-author (with David S. Siegel) of Flashgun Casey, Crime Photographer (Book Hunter Press, 2005)

● Recipient of the Munsey Award presented at PulpFest in 2014.

   Thanks to Jiro Kimura at The Gumshoe Site for much of the information above.