PLANET STORIES November 1952. Editor: Jack O’Sullivan. Cover artist: Allan Anderson. Overall rating: One star.

CONAN T. TROY “The Conjurer of Venus.” Novelette. The means for space flight to the stars is gained in the Dream Room of a Venusian tavern. Mysterious happenings precede the Dreamer’s noble gesture. (1)

JACK BRADLEY “The Rhizoid Kill.” A man’s greed for rare Mercurian gems leads to his death. (1)

HAYDEN HOWARD “The Luminous Blonde.” Woman outsmarts husband during space-flight. (0)

PAUL A. PAYNE “As It Was.” Novelette. An interplanetary hunter destroys an intelligent [alien] killer and saves a girl from her shipwrecked isolation. Adventure, rather the implication of intelligence, is the main theme. (1)

S. A. LOMBINO “A Planet Named Joe.” All Venusians are named Joe. (0)

D. ALLEN MORISSEY “Captain Chaos.” A space ship with a crew of four men and a woman reaches a new planet. Scientific facts are garbled at times. (1)

LEIGH BRACKETT “Shannach–the Last.” Novel. A prospector on Mercury discovers a colony from Earth dominated by the last survivor of the original inhabitants of the planet. A bit more characterization [than in the rest of the magazine], including that of the aliens. Too bad the story takes place on Mercury, of all places. (2)

-October 1967