I’ve been working slowly in annotating the Addenda to the Revised Crime Fiction IV, compiled by author Allen J. Hubin and which I have been posting online.

   Here are some fairly recent entries, as I have expanded upon them, often with the assistance of others. Perhaps you will find them as interesting as I did. Even better, if you can add anything useful or noteworthy to these entries, please send it along. You will find your input very much appreciated. Of course, if you find anything that requires a correction, you should let me know that too. I can guarantee you that it will be equally appreciated!

GATES, H. L.   American author of eleven crime or thriller novels published between 1921 and 1934, two of them indicated as having only marginal criminous content in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV.
   The Mystery of the Hope Diamond. (Novelization of silent film: Kosmik, 1921, as The Hope Diamond Mystery; also released as The Romance of the Hope Diamond; scw: John B. Clymer, Charles W. Goddard, May Yohe; dir: Stuart Paton.) (Note: May Yohe, 1869-1938, actress and one-time wife of an owner of the diamond, also had some role in the writing of the novel.)

GRAVE, STEPHEN   Pseudonym of David J. Schow, (1955- ). A horror fiction writer under his own name; as Stephen Grave the author of six paperback novelizations based the television series Miami Vice, including the one cited immediately below. As Brad Latham, Schow was also the author of five private eye novels set in New York City in the 1930s with Bill “The Hook” Lockwood as the leading character.
   The Florida Burn. TV movie [series episode/Miami Vice]: Michael Mann, 1984, as Brother’s Keeper (scw: Anthony Yerkovich; dir: Thomas Carter, Neil Gordon). Add SC: Det. James “Sonny” Crockett (Don Johnson) & Det. Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas)

Miami Vice

[Note: It is likely but not yet confirmed that Crockett and Tubbs should be added as SC to the other books in the series; see below. These books were based on either 60-minute episodes or combinations of two 60-minute episodes, not considered to be movies. Only the first two books in the series were published in the US.]
      China White. [Miami Vice #4]
      Hellhole. [Miami Vice #6]
      Probing by Fire. [Miami Vice #5]
      The Razor’s Edge. [Miami Vice #3]
      The Vengeance Game. [Miami Vice #2]

   The Celtic Riddle. TV movie: CBS, 2003, as Murder She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle (scw: Rosemary Anne Sisson, Bruce Lansbury; dir: Anthony Shaw). SC: Lara McClintoch does not appear in the film; she was apparently replaced in her role by “Jessica Fletcher” (Angela Lansbury). Note: For a review of the movie relative to the book, see (for example) www.blogcritics.org.

. 1892-1955.    Pseudonym of Benjamin Hawkins Dean, q.v. Born in Mississippi, graduated from the University of Mississippi but lived in Florida most of his life; worked in the paper business. Author of four detective novels in the (Revised) Crime Fiction IV, including the one cited below. Add real name and birth & death dates. [Thanks to John Herrington and Victor Berch for uncovering both.]
   Headsman’s Holiday. Add setting: Florida. Leading character: private eye Pharaoh Pharr.


HEATH, CHARLES    Pseudonym of Ron Renauld, author of many TV tie-in’s and books in men’s adventure series (Able Team, Airwolf, etc.) under various pen names and house names. Several other “A-Team” novels that he wrote are probably adaptations of 60-minute episodes of the TV program.
    The A-Team. TV movie [two parts]: Universal, 1983 (scw: Frank Lupo; dir: Rod Holcomb) . SC: The A-Team: Col. John “Hannibal” Smith (George Peppard), Capt. H. M. “Howling Mad” Murdock (Dwight Schultz), Sgt. Bosco “B. A.” Barracus (Mr. T) & Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck (Tim Dunigan). Note: Dunigan played Peck for this series pilot only; Dirk Benedict had the role for the rest of the series.