THE GREEN PARROT. 1958. TV pilot, 30 min. Never aired. Howard Duff (Paul Mace), Ramon Novarro, Peter Whitney, Donald Randolph, Mari Blanchard. Created by Ida Lupino & Howard Duff. Teleplay: William Spier. Directed by Allen H. Miner. Currently streaming on YouTube (see below).

   There is small but significant number of movie, TV, and radio series based on the concept of an American (usually but not always) running a tavern, cafe. or the like in a foreign country, often an exotic one, but although he’d rather it otherwise, trouble always seems to seek him out and get him involved in peril and danger for as long as the current episode lasts.

   Such is the case with Paul Mace, who co-owns The Green Parrot (dba El Pavo Verde), a cantina in a small Mexican village. The episode begins with Mace staggering into the bar with a bullet in his shoulder, then contnues in true Sam Spade fashion as he relates to the doctor and others what kind of scrpe he has just gotten himself into – and presumably (and hopefully) out of.

   It all began with a beautiful blonde, complete with fur coat, coming into the cantina asking Mace for help. Her husband has just died in a fire. Foul play is suspected, and as his wife, she is sure that she is the number one suspect. And so she is, and Mace does his best to help.

   The cast and setting are both fine, but the story simply has no oomph. Being of the appropriate age for such material at the time it was produced, however, I’d certainly have watched any continuing episodes, if such had eventuated. But as adult fare, it’s as weak as yesterday’s tea. I wish I could say better.