Out of all the records that Light In The Attic has helped the world discover, none are shrouded in as much mystery as Lewis’ L’Amour. The Lewis journey began when a collector picked up the LP for a dollar at an Edmonton, Alberta flea market. The album’s minimal compositions, somber synth and piano, and ethereal vocals inspired the curious collector to share his unexpected discovery with a fellow vinyl fanatic.

From there, news of the album began to spread online. Light In The Attic became interested in reissuing the record and the search for Lewis began. They reached out to photographer Edward Colver, who was credited with shooting the eye-catching cover image. The man Colver worked with back in the early ’80s was named Randall Wulff. Although he stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel and drove a white Mercedes convertible, the check he wrote Colver bounced and Lewis quickly became untraceable. With Lewis’ real name as their best lead, Light In The Attic searched for a few more years before deciding to reissue the record and place the proceeds in an escrow account until Lewis surfaced. Lewis eventually turned up, turned down the money, and answered interview questions as vaguely as possible. He may have gained quite a few new fans, but the mystery of Lewis lives on.