WILLIAM L. DeANDREA – Killed in the Fog.  Matt Cobb #8. Simon & Schuster,  hardcover, 1996. No paperback edition.

   DeAndrea is really cranking them out lately. He’s got three series going {Cobb, Niccolo Beneditti, and the new one set in the Wild West with Quinn Booker & Lobo Blacke), plus odds and ends like the Encyclopedia Mysteriosa. I don’t think any of his fiction will make anyone’s “100 Best” list, but he’s been consistently smooth and entertaining, imho.

   Matt Cobb, network v-p in charge of special projects, is on a sabbatical in London with his true love, who also happens to be the network’s biggest stockholder. He stops by the headquarters of one of the network’s subsidiaries just to be visiting, agrees to do the manager a favor, and finds himself involved in a murder and slapped in jail. Different country, business as usual,

   This, like the last Cobb I read, is a lesser effort by De.Andrea. Cobb is still a likable lead, and DeAndrea’s prose still reads effortlessly, but the story simply didn’t engage me. I’m not sure why, and that makes me think that the problem might be with me rather than with the author.

   Whoever’s problem it was, though,  I didn’t get a hell of a lot out of this one.

— Reprinted from Ah Sweet Mysteries #26, July 1996.