I’ll soon be finished with the A-C section of the online Addenda to the Revised Crime Fiction IV, by Allen J. Hubin. Through Parts I through III, that is.

CORBY, JANE (IRENITA). 1899- ? Pseudonyms: Laura Brighton, Jean Carew & Joanne Holden. Of some 24 novels published under her own name, many of them nurse romances, nine are included the Revised Crime Fiction IV. Of these, most are apparently gothic romances. (Those written under her various pen names fall in very much the same categories.)
   Peril at Stone Hall. Arcadia, hc, 1969. Also published as: Fall, Darkness, Fall! Leisure, pb, 1975, as by Laura Brighton. Add UK edition: Linford, pb, 1993. “Mystery lured her to the old castle. Death would show her the way out.” Shown is the US Macfadden paperback edition.

JANE CORBY Peril at Stone House

CORNWELL, BERNARD. 1944- . Clarification: This was his name at birth; as an infant he became Bernard Wiggins when adopted by the Wiggins family, but legally changed his name back to Bernard Cornwell when Joseph Wiggins died. Prolific British author of historical fiction; he has also written five contemporary thriller novels, many of them involving sailing, which are included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV. Shown is the cover of the US edition of one of these; the UK title is Sea Lord (Michael Joseph, 1989).


   Shadow of a Doubt. TV movie: Scripps-Howard, 1995 (scw & dir: Brian Dennehy). SC: Charlie Sloan (Brian Dennehy).

COUGHLIN Shadow of a Doubt

   -Jessica. Australia: Viking, hc, 1998. Joseph, UK, hc, 1999. Setting: Australia; ca.1914. (Add time frame to the setting.) TV movie: Umbrella, 2004 (scw: Peter Yeldham; dir: Peter Andrikidis)

COXE, KATHLEEN BUDDINGTON. Joint pseudonym of Amelia Reynolds Long & Edna McHugh. Under this pen name, the author of one mystery novel included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV. See below:
   Murder Most Foul. Phoenix, 1946, hc. Setting: Pennsylvania; Academia. (Add precise location.) Leading characters: Buddie Cox, female undergraduate student, and Francis Thrush, psychology professor.

COXE Murder Most Foul

   If You Want to See Your Wife Again. TV movie: Brentwood, 1972, as Your Money or Your Wife (scw: J. P. Miller; dir: Allen Reisner)

   Summer Girl. TV movie: Bruce Lansbury, 1983 (scw: A. J. Carothers; dir: Robert Michael Lewis)