Hurricane Irene is all but over where we are, and we made it through OK. The predictions had the storm aimed straight toward Connecticut all week long, and they were right. But hitting land a couple times along the way took its toll on Irene, and by the time it got here it had been downgraded to “only” a tropical storm.

The rain has stopped and there’s a hint of sun shining through the clouds, but with the center of the storm going north, the winds coming around the southern side are starting to blow, with some strong gusts making the house shake every so often.

We didn’t lose power, as I was sure we would, but with the ground soft and the wind still strong, there’s a chance that some falling trees will take some power lines with them. There are some 800,000 people without power, just here in Connecticut. The state is pretty much a mess. What it’s like lower down the Atlantic coast, I hate to think.