NoirCon will be held from April 3rd to April 6th, 2008, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

   We all have a deep seeded need to see the “dark, bleak and lonely” side of life.

   NoirCon offers the opportunity to look behind the faces and the lives of the tortured souls captured on the canvases of Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Brueghel and David Goodis.

   NoirCon will bring to life the sins, moral failings and dark existential truths of the human condition. All of these will be set against the backdrop of a living, breathing city – Philadelphia.

   NoirCon will be a gathering of some of the brightest writers, academicians, fans, editors, publishers and movie lovers of the Noir genre today.

   Please come and celebrate the incredibly visceral poetry of Ken Bruen as he will be the first recipient of the David Goodis Award. The David Goodis Award is given to that individual who upholds the Goodis’s writing style. We will also be celebrating the incomparable Dennis McMillan’s 25 years in the publishing business. Dennis will be the recipient of the Kogan Award for Literary Excellence. The first Kogan Award was given this year posthumously to David Goodis at GoodisCon.

   We plan to have panels of writers, editors/publishers, screen writers and movie aficionados of the Noir. Other panels include true crime specialists and various Noir trips in Philadelphia.

   However, we will not just sit back and passively observe the “dark, bleak and lonely” side of life, rather we will actively try to help the down trodden and the forgotten by having an auction to benefit a very worthy charity. Out of the darkness, we will bring light and hope to those in need not only in words, but through action!

   There will be ample time for people to meet, to discuss and to share each others company. NoirCon is a symposium in the truest sense of the word. Be a part of it! Do not miss out on the opportunity to say you were part of the event that everyone will be talking about! Register today!

Lou Boxer and Deen Kogan

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