The entry for Tom Barling in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, by Allen J. Hubin, has been extensively revised, and corrections, deletions and other changes appear now as you see below in Part 19 of the online Addenda.

   The other entries in this post come from Part 27, the paperbacks chosen largely because I had copies on hand to obtain cover images from. These are the ones you’ll also find below.

BARLING, TOM. 1936- . Add year of birth and full name: Thomas F. R. Barling. British author of eleven crime novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV. Series character: Charlie Dance, an ex-London gangster who in three books battles various crime syndicates and his own former mob. Tom Barling is also well-known as a comic illustrator and an animator on the 1973 TV series of The Addams Family. [Thanks to Steve Fearn for pointing out that the two Tom Barling’s are one and the same.]
      _Dance with Death. Pocket, pb, 1988. US reprint of Smoke Dragon (Corgi, 1988). Correction: Previously stated to to be the US edition of God Is an Executioner.
      _Dance with the Devil Pocket, pb, 1988. US edition of Smoke Dance (Corgi, 1991).
      God Is an Executioner. Corgi, UK, pb, 1987. Correction: There is no US edition and SC: Charlie Dance does not appear. Delete the previously stated setting. [A ruthless gang of terrorists explodes into Matthew Pepper’s new life and kidnaps his wife and son, leaving no trace of them. ]
      The Smoke. Corgi, UK, pb, 1986. Add US edition: Bantam, pb, 1986. (Delete conjecture that the US title was Dance with the Devil.) SC: Charlie Dance. Setting: London, 1960s.
      Smoke Dance. Corgi, UK, pb, 1991. (Correct date.) Add SC: Charlie Dance. Setting: London, 1960s. (Add the time period.) US title: Dance with the Devil (Pocket, 1988). [Book 3 in the series: Charlie awakens the day after his birthday party to find that his wife has been killed and his illegally accumulated fortune has been stolen.] Note: Shown is the cover of the 1991 hardcover UK Severn House edition.

BARLING Smoke Dance

      Smoke Dragon. Corgi, UK, pb, 1988. Add US title: Dance with Death (Pocket, 1988) and SC: Charlie Dance. Setting: London, 1960s. (Add the time period.)

DEPTULA, WALTER (J., JR.) ca.1934- . Series character: Frank Arrow, born Franco Arronelli, a professional thief who steals what others have stolen and returns it to its rightful owner for a fee. [This is a complete entry for the author. Numbers in brackets indicate the correct chronological sequencing.]
      The Death List of Rico Scalisi. Curtis, pb, 1974. Add setting: New York City. [#3.] [Arrow’s estranged father is the target of a vengeance-mad mafioso.]

DEPTULA Rico Scallisi

      Naked Mistress. Curtis, pb, 1974. Setting: Hawaii, Mexico. [#2.]
      Wine, Women … and Death. Curtis, pb, 1974. Setting: Hawaii. [#1.] “He had hot jewels and broads on his hands and every cold killer in Hawaii on his tail.”

FREEMAN, MARY E(LEANOR) WILKINS. 1852-1930. See author’s entry under Wilkins-Freeman, Mary E(leanor).

KAYLIN, WALTER. 1921- . At one time a resident of Old Lyme, CT. Occasional short story writer in the 1950s; author of one crime novel included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV. See below.
      Another Time, Another Woman. Gold Medal, pb, 1963. Muller, UK, pb, 1964. Add setting: California. “… I had covered up manslaughter then. Now I had to cover up a murder.”


WILKINS-FREEMAN, MARY E(LEANOR). 1852-1930. Add as a new author entry. Ref: CA. Born in Randolph, Massachusetts; married Dr. Charles M. Freeman in 1902. (Her name is sometimes given as Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.) Noted American writer, known best for her stories centering around New England life.
      -“Doc.” Gordon. Authors and Newspapers Association, 1906. Published in the UK as Doctor Gordon (Unwin, 1907).
      _Doctor Gordon. Unwin, UK, hc, 1907. See “Doc.” Gordon.


WILLIAMS, ALAN (EMLYN). 1935- . Son of actor-playwright (George) Emlyn Williams, 1905-1987, q.v. Brother of actor Brook Williams; briefly married to Maggie Noach, noted literary agent for children’s authors. Newspaper correspondent and author of eleven espionage-adventure novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.
      The Brotherhood. Blond, UK, hc, 1968. US title: The Purity League (Putnam, 1969). Also published in England under the US title (Panther, 1970). Add setting: Europe. [Journalist Magnus Owen and a beautiful undercover agent named Maya take on a sinister network called the ‘Brotherhood of Virtue.’]
      _The Purity League. Putnam, US, hc, 1969. Panther, UK, pb, 1970. See: The Brotherhood (Blond, 1968).


WILLIAMS, (GEORGE) EMLYN. 1905-1987. Father of author Alan (Emlyn) William, 1935- , q.v. , and actor Brook Williams, who appeared in numerous films and London stage productions. Noted Welsh actor and dramatist; author of two criminous novels cited in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, along with three crime-related plays.