I’ve been looking for information about author Alan Williams (son of Emlyn) for a while now but haven’t come up with much until I found your very informative blog just now. I know his brother Brook passed away a couple of years ago, so I’ve been wondering if Alan is still alive.

   I would really like to get in touch with him. Do you have any leads I could follow? I’d be very grateful. Thank you.

         Best wishes,



   The link above leads to an installment of the online Addenda to the Revised Crime Fiction IV, which contained an entry for Williams. He was born in 1935, with no known year of death. In fact, there’s very little information about him available online. The short bio I wrote for him in the Addenda entry is about all I could come up with.

   Al Hubin, when I asked him, said in reply that he’d discovered much the same thing, which was nothing:


   Alan Williams is curiously absent from standard author reference works. I suppose it’s possible he’s in one edition or another of Authors and Writers Who’s Who but he’s not in the couple that I have. His death is not recorded in findmypast.com, which only means he didn’t die in England/Wales in the period 1984-2006…

   Not much help, I’m afraid.


   And at this point in time, this is as far as we’ve gotten. Assistance, if any, would be welcome.

[UPDATE] 07-14-08.   I’m over a week delayed in posting this, but today’s better than tomorrow, at least. I heard from one source who’d prefer to stay anonymous, but who had a lot to say about Alan Williams and his career, none of it substantial enough to put online.

   I passed the information on to Susan, though, who replied with thanks. She also added: “I heard from a distant relative who says he is still with us.” She’s now trying to see if she can speak to him, “if I’m lucky enough to do so.”

   More later, it may be, if things work out the way she hopes.