JACK LYNN – Nympho Lodge. Tokey Wedge #1. Grizzly Pulp, paperback, 2020. New cover art by Jim Silke. Originally published by Novel Books, paperback, 1959; 2nd printing, 1962.

   Well, here’s some good news. Tokey Wedge is back, and a new publishing company is planning on publishing at least the first six of his original novels. As I understand it, though, you won’t be able to find them on Amazon or any other of your usual book buying sources, only directly from the publisher. I’ll add the link to the Grizzly Pulp website at the end of this review.

   Now take a look at the cover, over there to the right, and the title. You should be abundantly clear from either one that you shouldn’t expect to be reading the likes of Leo Tolstoy or Charles Dickens when you read a Tokey Wedge book. And even if you’re a fond reader of Richard Prather, say, or Carter Brown, you’re thinking in the right direction, but when “Jack Lynn” wrote the Tokey books, he was, too, thinking in the right direction, that is.

   While he wasn’t quite as good as either one, he was a contender, though, no doubt about it, in a slightly scuzzier vein, and even so what he produced, in Nympho Lodge, at least was a detective story that was a fair play detective story. To particulars, though. Tokey was a private eye, somewhat handicapped by being only 5 foot 5 or so, but even so, women are uniformly attracted to him. Beautiful sexy women, and does Tokey mind? No sir, and he shows how much he doesn’t mind, over and over in this tale.

   He’s hired in this case by a woman (beautiful and sexy, of course) in the midst of an upcoming divorce case, and afraid of what her soon-to-be ex-husband might do, she needs a bodyguard. I won’t go into more details than that, but besides many other women finding Tokey extremely manly  (no details provided in the story itself), in spite his height, a lot of deaths occur, and I mean a lot. So many so, that Tokey nearly runs out of suspects.

   Jack Lynn has come up before on this blog, almost entirely in the comments to another post, which you will find here. His real name was Max van derVeer, and there were about 20 in the series.

   As to where you can buy a copy of this one, here’s the link: