Few publishers promote their books better than Macmillan’s Tor Books. is a must stop for any fan of science fiction or fantasy. Tor has a sister imprint, Forge that is focused on the mystery genre. Finally, has a as well. is ready to entertain and inform the mystery fan.

   Posts dating back to Saturday, April 23, 2011 (or a few days ago) already offer mystery fans much to enjoy. Joseph Finder writing about thrillers. Hard Case Crime’s Charles Ardai discussing how he failed to get the rights to republish a few of his pulp favorites. Ho-Ling Wong examining the Japanese detective sub-genre.

   Leslie Gilbert Elman presenting a strong defense for pet cozy books to get some respect. There are reviews, a contest, and even an excerpt from Janice Hamrick’s Death on Tour.

      HARRY O:

   According to, Smile Jenny, You’re Dead, aka the second TV-Movie pilot for the TV series Harry O, will be available on DVD in early May.

   Warner Archives Collection will offer it at its site on demand. So it may be exclusive to the in the beginning.,default,pd.html?AID=10811526&PID=3821628

— Thanks, and tip of the hat to Michael Shonk.